KINGS & PRIESTS ARISE – You Are Crowned and Commissioned

A little unusually this time, I have live video recorded the message I felt God downloaded to me. I was last in line for the laptop to download this as a blog, with our wonderful family of 5 children in lockdown and homeschooling taking priority. Where there’s a will there’s a way though! May I encourage you in this crazy season, you don’t need to let it make you crazy! Don’t focus on what you can’t do but what you can do OR give attention to what you haven’t got but be thankful for what you have got! On that note, here I am, real and raw, tucked away in my bedroom whilst the kids enjoyed some ‘fab with Dad time’! In fact at one point you may pick up some screams of delight from our 3 year old.

I can’t take full credit for the idea, but something our gorgeous Senior Pastors, Jon & Chantel Norman, said during our staff briefing and devotion (over the computer) this week resonated with me. They were encouraging all staff to record a voice-note and send a prayer or word of encouragement to 5 people as the Lord places them on their heart at this time. Well, I have no clue how to do a voice-note (please don’t judge me – hubby will sort me…. eventually, he’s my techy genius) but, I thought I’d go large with my ‘voice-note of sorts’! I realised I may not have my laptop but I do have my phone and I can press record and then send this ‘God word’ to my five, plus, plus, plus…. I pray as you receive this prophetic word, very real and raw from my bedroom and heart to you, that you will experience the same sweetness, power and presence flooding your room! Ready, steady, grab a cuppa tea and join me… “KINGS & PRIESTS ARISE” – I heard the whisper of heaven “You have been crowned and commissioned!”

Please subscribe to Momma of Many too on YouTube (it was only after I came out of hiding from our bedroom half an hour later and asked hubby what I do now, I realised it wasn’t as simple as all that…:-) YouTube set up got added to hubby’s endless ‘To Do’ list! My Super-Hero Hubby spent his Friday night setting up the Momma of Many YouTube account and uploading the video, no mean feat with the slowest internet on the planet right now. So please make it worth his while and subscribe! For the children of God, Coronavirus (Covid-19) will not hold you back or pull you down, you have been called to “take ground”! I have been doing just that. Push beyond your comfort zones, keep pressing forward into the new and the wealth God has for you in these exciting times we live in! He promises in Isaiah, “I will give you treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places”. Dig deep, lean into Him and WIN! As my darling Dad used to tell my brothers and I everyday, “You’re a Winner”!

God bless you, Christine – Mommaofmany xo

4 Replies to “KINGS & PRIESTS ARISE – You Are Crowned and Commissioned”

  1. Wow, thank you Christine just what we needed today. When you were talking God told me I was one of the people who’s crown had fallen to the floor and I needed to pick it up and start living and walking in His power. I have to start looking to Him, learning on Him and believing in Him and I must not let it fall again. I’m to keep my head held high and he will make it stand strong and firm.
    I was in floods of tears listening to you this morning Christine and I thank God for your faithfulness in delivering His word. May God richly bless you faithful servant. Love to you and the family xx

    1. Jill, that is so priceless and precious! I just love this and your faithful heart in sharing! So much love to you and your family too – from my ‘palace’ to yours😉😇xxx

  2. Rising up with Jesus and your love of helping us all through prophesies you are a true leader of women God bless you and your family .

    1. Gods blessings right back to you and praying The Lord brings supernatural ease to what isn’t naturally easy xxx

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