SPIRITUAL IMMUNITY for you and your family : Parts 1, 2 & 3

God has given us kingdom keys to live strong, effective lives, infused with supernatural immunity for everything we face in our world today. These are proven keys for victorious living and the truths the enemy does not want you to hear.

I think I need to frame this picture taken on our first car trip out this week after being quarantined for 40 days with Covid-19… it may have only been a drive to Tesco but my 3 year old and I may have just had a sneaky victory dance down the aisle!

Over three sessions on my sofa I share transparently what the Holy Spirit has taught me – much of the gold is the spoils of war gained from some of the toughest battles in my life. These keys were vital and I believe saved my life when the war was on with Covid-19! The word of God needs to be applied, much like a deodorant, in order to be activated in your life – but how can you apply it if you don’t know it? “My people perish for lack of knowledge” the Bible tells us, but I declare today the opposite is also true, “God’s Children will flourish with applied knowledge”…. so join me and make these Kingdom Keys your reality:

  1. The power of the Holy Spirit and praying in the spirit.
  2. Worship is your warship.
  3. Get dressed in heaven’s best – the armour of God is your immunity, defence and offence – wear it well everyday.
  4. Church – God’s no. 1 plan on the earth and a vital key for our immunity.
  5. The power of prophesy – not the weird just the wonderful.
  6. Keeping ahead of the enemy’s strategies.
  7. The Fruits of the Spirit are also are warfare – who knew?

Praying you go from strength to strength in your lives from this teaching on, recover all the enemy has stolen from you and live in the ‘much more’ of God that He has for you! I’d love you to subscribe to Momma of Many now on YouTube and don’t miss a message – they will only ever be what the Holy Spirit releases through me! After all – you and I don’t need another voice in our lives but we do desperately need all that heaven has to say! I sensed the Lord speak to me (actually whilst I was sleeping) and showed me His voice through these messages (not me) will be LIFE GIVING : LIFE AFFIRMING : LIFE TRANSFORMING! I’m calling to the supernatural life within everyone of God’s children to be released and overflow into every area of your natural life that you may walk in the Spirit, talk in the Spirit, work from a position of rest in the Spirit and produce the supernatural works of God in your world! The Links are below.

“And pray also for me, that freedom of utterance may be given me, that I may open my mouth to proclaim boldly the MYSTERY of the good news (the Gospel)”. Ephesians 6:19 (Amp).

Much love. Be blessed in every way. Christine, Momma of Many xo

SPIRITUAL IMMUNITY (Part 3) Hidden keys to health and wellbeing…

I’ve never been more relieved or thankful to release a message – Spiritual Immunity Part 3! There are no words for the attack or battle to get this word to you but thank God the word is out and I leave it with you and pray the power of God’s Holy Spirit will speak mightily to you. Spiritual Immunity Parts 1, 2 and 3 contain tried and tested keys to victory that are medically proven too. I know; I’ve lived every one of them and hopefully now, with you, we will contine to live them together and release heaven and God’s power to our lives and world! xo Click the picture link above or here to view: SPIRITUAL IMMUNITY (Part 3)

SPIRITUAL IMMUNITY (Part 2) The truth your Doctor won’t tell you

Too good to keep to myself. The truth your Doctor and Government won’t tell you but it’s the truth that will set you free to live healthy, strong, happy and power-packed lives. Spiritual Immunity is within your spiritual and physical DNA. It’s what you need to stay strong. It’s what you need to fight and overcome even when it feels like your natural fight and immunity are gone! It’s what will make you a WINNER! Part three coming soon xxx

To view this video click on the picture above or CLICK HERE.

SPIRITUAL IMMUNITY Medically proven – hidden keys to health and wellbeing

God has made power-packed immunity keys available to His children at this time – every Believer needs to activate these in their lives for health and well being! I’m not sure I’d still be here without them – proven, tried and tested! What’s more, turns out medical research backs it up… too good to keep to myself! Spread the word and tell the world! Part 2 coming soon! God bless you. Christine, Momma of Many xo.

To view this video, please click on the picture above or CLICK HERE.


Coming back from the battle to share a victory call and the spoils of war with you all… So grateful for the many prayers, love of family, friends and God’s beautiful Church! Nothing is too difficult for our God and nothing shall be impossible to those who believe! God’s message for Covid-19 is clear – it is defiant but DEFEATED! God only leads His children in triumph! God bless you, Christine, Momma of Many xo

To watch the video either click the picture above or CLICK HERE.