PREPARE THE WAY FOR THE LORD – a prophetic word for your heart & signs of the times…

Join me as I release a word God poured into me whilst caught up in His presence. These are exciting times to be alive on the earth – whilst the world calls for Barabbas and we watch lawlessness increasingly being outworked, preparing the way for the Lawless one the Bible says is to come, what is in store for the children of God? There is a voice in the wilderness, it’s time to arise with a cry “prepare the way for the Lord”. Every storm you experience will destroy the swarm of evil assigned against you and usher in God’s new beginnings as today you align with God’s Kingship, Kingdom, blessing, increase, favour and miraculous opportunities for your life. I pray God overflows in your life as you receive His ‘right now word’ today! God bless you. Christine, Momma of Many xo

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PREPARATION FOR PURIFICATION – Yes, Jesus is coming soon..a dream, a vision & God’s right now Word!

This is a weighty word as I share a God given dream, vision and what I believe the Lord would release to His Children at this time… for those who will hear, prepare and partner with heaven on the earth. What exciting times to be alive. May we pursue purpose over position, God’s presence and power over any platform and purity as we draw near in the secret place of prayer. Your encounter with heaven is waiting there!

God is calling His children higher and deeper, beyond the superficial we will encounter the supernatural presence of Jesus and move in the momentum of the Spirit of God. Like the believers of the Bible and early Church may we be bound in the spirit, led by the Spirit, caught up with the Spirit, and driven by the Spirit; not worldly success, ambition or mans approval. This is not a day for the faint hearted but for those filled, empowered and dependent on the Holy Spirit alone to arise and not just survive, but thrive…..

I sense heaven calling the Church, the bride of Christ…. get ready! I saw an acceleration and Tsunami upon the earth – wave upon wave and one thing after the other. Our hope will not be found in this world or its ways. I heard three words, calling invitingly, those who would come….Purity : Intimacy : Supremacy! I heard the words “Divine Reversal” & “Rehearsal for Heaven” as the “Preparation for Purification’ message resounded loud and clear for all who would hear! The Spirit and the bride say, “Come Lord Jesus”!

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THE TIDE IS TURNING – Hearing Heaven through the world’s noise – a prophetic word for here and now!

The tide is turning. Heaven calls for change, truth, love, justice and restoration for every life, home, city and Nation. I sensed the Lord say “realignment for God’s assignment”. It’s time to step out and stop the evil flow, releasing God’s overflow everywhere you go. Step up and walk, talk, live in the Holy Spirit – you are a carrier of God’s supernatural power, presence and provision into the natural realm. The turbulent waters of sin, evil, unrest and injustice will not take you out; pursue the presence, power and provision of the Lord, there’s a move of God breaking out! We will only bow to one as we surrender all for the call of God and cause of Christ in this hour! Christine, Momma of Many xo

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As God speaks to you, please share with the people in your world too… thank you & God bless you.

BLACK LIVES MATTER – 100% They Matter… but is there more going on?

What in the world is going on? It’s time to get off the ‘Tangent Train’ and get on the ‘Truth Train’ before it’s too late! May we not be deceived – so much depends on us being informed. Truth is empowerment to bring real justice and lasting change, opposed to the facade. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

There is a generation rising up that will not stand for injustice, I see it clearly in my teenage children today! Our hearts have broken over recent weeks over the tragic, evil and senseless murder of George Floyd. What adds fuel to the flame is to watch as the needless death of George Floyd is being used and abused right now… dangerously so. To see daily the twisted and distorted media – fake news truly is the enemy of truth and the people. To watch political agendas at work. To realise the Black Lives Matter Foundation is more than it appears on the surface and the pent up frustration of people who really care are being played (as the video explains). We will not be played but we will position ourselves in the truth and be carriers of change.

Regardless of background or colour, we are all created by the one God and Father, that makes us sisters and brothers. We will not be silent and we will teach our children peace, love and respect for all, over racism and violence – but we will not bow to the mob mentality, blatant bullying or pressure tactics – we see you, we see through you, we’re calling you out! The heart cry for equality is just and true and for everyone of my black brothers and sisters – I love you and stand with you!

In the prayer of my 13 year old son the other night: “Please may there be an end to racism in the world and may no-one in the world be racist… Jesus, please make even the word extinct”! I say a huge Amen to that…. For the sake of our children, for the sake of true justice for George Floyd, for the sake of my black brothers and sisters everywhere and for the sake of our world, may we rise up with unity, reason and sense rather than division, nonsense and political correctness.

May God bless you, enlighten you and empower you to love His way, as He speaks to your heart through this message today! To watch this video please click the picture with the arrow at the top or the link here: BLACK LIVES MATTER – 100% They Matter… but is there more going on? With all my love, heart and prayers for justice and true transformation. Christine, Momma of many xo