This morning I received the words, “I AM PLACING A NEW CROWN UPON MY CHURCH AT THIS TIME”! I was prompted to release an encounter and word The Lord gave me a couple of months ago – for it was time NOW! I was still eating, even as I began to speak, (but I had to immediately rise and obey God’s word to walk, talk and release what Holy Spirit had to say to His Church today)! This afternoon I learnt of the promotion of our Queen Elizabeth II to her heavenly home! I am so grateful for her life and I believe this prophetic word is timely and significant with her passing! I am thankful for her faithfulness, integrity, sacrifice, Christ likeness and service to her King Jesus and our country! “God is placing a new crown, a fresh authority, a new anointing upon the life of every believing Believer and upon His Church at this time”! Arise and shine… Christ himself will be His Church’s crown and covering! A prophetic, right now word and warning – but in the midst of enemy territory we will know only bounty, anointing, authority and complete victory, all for His glory!👑

Please click the video above or link here to view, and be blessed, encouraged and empowered today.


  1. I really loved reading this, “I crown you with my Bounty,” it’s really great. I love ALL the Momma of Many Words, I’m not sure what you want to call them, but they’re all REALLY REALLY GREAT. God bless you a lot, you’re an amazing person, and you’ve got an amazing anointing on you as well.

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