A prophetic message for every hungry heart longing to know and experience the fullness and freedom of God in their lives. What does Jesus want us bound to and free from? Draw near and hear prophetically what The Lord has to speak over your life today! Click the link below and be blessed or here: BOUND BUT FREE!


The truth that changed my life, the foundation for my yes to every God given call, my ease in every test, power for living and I believe a prophetic message for Christ’s Church right now that will ignite every Believer for this hour!

Discover the true meaning of love before it got lost in translation! I believe the Church is called to take this truth and passion back for such a time as this – it will keep us on track for all that lies ahead!

God bless you as you make this revelation your experiential reality!💥❤️

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A prophetic word for you to apply to your life and ‘rise and win with Him’ through the power of praise, proclamation and prayer!💥🔥❤️

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Multiplied blessings upon you today and throughout this year!

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A 2 minute prophetic word and golden nugget to kick-start your year with God’s promises over your life! Shake of the negative, doom and gloom and receive supernaturally and miraculously all The Lord has for you to appropriate from His promises and Word this year!

A year of fullness, fulfilment and complete victory!✌🏼

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Don’t miss full message (no pun intended🤭) here in this 2 part prophetic word for the year – links below!👇


WHAT DOES 2023 (HEBREW YEAR 5783) MEAN PROPHETICALLY? (Part 2 – The Camels are Coming)!

WHAT DOES 2023 (HEBREW YEAR 5783) MEAN PROPHETICALLY? (Part 2 – The Camels Are Coming)!

As a child of God you have been called out to be a symbol and source of blessing on the earth! In 2023 align with heaven’s divine timing and destiny for your life – this is your year to break free and make complete victory not just a theory, but your reality! Look up – the camels are coming!💥🧨🐫

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Momma of Many – my God given commitment to you this year!

• As God speaks, I will repeat and ‘ProphTeaPreach’ which means to prophesy, teach and preach the uncompromising word of the Lord by The Holy Spirit powerfully with humility, vulnerability, transparency, and honesty, regardless of likes! Whatever the price!

• To pray for followers/subscribers every day!

• To respond to every reply!

• God willing, as far as is possible with me, to consistently and freely release and unleash God’s word to the world He sends me to every week!

That’s my commitment to you now will you commit to consistently join me; live, love and share, and let’s grow together for “In HIM we WIN” this year?!

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