As I was ‘divinely distracted’ from cleaning the kitchen (I’ll take that distraction😇😉), The Lord literally poured this word into me fresh from the fire! I make no apologies for the strength of this word but pray every hearer, Leader, Church and Nation will lean in, listen and obey! Recognise, repent and return for The Lord is turning to us in a special way in these last of the last days! I sense the Gideon call going out loud and strong – Part 2 coming soon!

Please click the link here REMNANT RISE – GO IN THIS YOUR STRENGTH! or video link below and may The Lord speak to you as He spoke to me! Be blessed today.

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    1. No surprises there – keep leaning into His heart beautiful one! The Lord is speaking to His Prophets – warning goes before the world – praying His Church is listening!☝🏼❤️😘

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