Releasing this important prophetic word for God’s children, His Church and Nations, before going off-grid for a few weeks. CLICK HERE or picture link at the end and prepare for what’s ahead.

The Lord is watching, weighing and testing hearts He can trust to carry His glory and release His blessing in the days ahead! May the Lord bring transformational change as you receive His word and apply it to your life and circumstances today! “Ask of me and I will give you the Nations for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possession”! Psalm 2:8

The Nations belong to The Lord! Rise up Church, royal son and daughter of the King, take your stand and rightful place before it’s too late!

1. Believe for Biblical Britain, Europe, Canada, USA… Divine turnaround in Jesus name!

2. Don’t be a Slave when you’re a Son!

3. Better to have less with God’s blessing on it, than more without!

4. Come to God’s side and He will come to yours! In a world of ‘opinions and taking sides’, there’s only ONE that matters!

5. God will confirm His heritage when it is languishing and tired!

6. I hear the sound of the abundance of rain!

7. Be salty – spice it up again!

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