About Me

In January 2017, a couple of weeks after the birth of our 5th child whilst home from work and ministry, God spoke to my heart to start a blog! I barely new what a blog was but simply obeyed. I had no idea that God would literally reach thousands of people sometimes a day, and send his prophetic world all around the world, even reaching 40-50 nations in a 24 hour period. When I was home and in a season of not travelling, ministering or working, God simply said to “focus on what I could do, not what I could not do”… He has astounded me with the rest! Sometimes you just have to step out and do the ridiculous to see the miraculous, whatever it takes, obey – all things are at stake in matters of faith!

I have been called many things: “Daughter, Sister, Wife, Preacher, Preacher Lady, Prophet, Pastor, Leader, Business Woman, Author, Friend….!!! By far my highest and most fulfilling calling, both physically and spiritually, is as a “Mum, Mama, Mother of Five, Momma of Many”. The heart behind this blog is not another blog for blogs sake but to release Kingdom updates, God’s “now” words for His children, to build up and encourage in Kingdom living.

Kingdom living is not limited to when we get to heaven but an experience available to every believer who will take God at His word, live a large life here and now, daily punching above their weight and releasing a multitude of miracles in their lives and to the world around them. You may say, “well Christine, I’m not sure that I’m a believer so this doesn’t apply to me”. I would humbly ask you, beautiful friend, to come with me on this journey, keep an open heart, look on from a distance if need be, and given time; let’s see!

Around the birth of our ‘5th heavenly surprise’, baby Judah, I had a sense of God moving me out of my comfort zone again as He spoke to my heart, “You’ve been serving me but hiding behind what others can do. I want you to do what only you can do and that is to release my “now” word and revelation through you!” Whether preaching or writing, at home or around the world, that is what I am committed to do!

I have taken God at His word on many occasions resulting in a wonderful marriage with 5 miraculous children (I was told not to have anymore after the first), I have seen God’s word released changing many lives, bringing healing and even transformation to a government and nation (a story told in my first book, Burst the Dam – it’s Double Portion Time, available through Amazon). God has blessed me in raising up a multi-million property business, again I simply took God at His word and what resulted astounded me.

God has taught me through very real and raw life experiences to trust Him and be His ‘Living Word’ in every situation. My prayer is by God’s beautiful Holy Spirit to help many rise up and join me in being God’s living word. Thank you for joining me on this Kingdom Living journey – I’m ready for the ride of my life that I will share in transparency with you and I hope you are too!

As God speaks to your heart through these writings, please subscribe and share and get this word out to your world, so others can be a part of a growing momentum of lives breaking through and being a living word too! There’s too much negative out there – God didn’t create you just to survive but to thrive. I want everyone who touches my world to know they were born for greatness!

“Lord Jesus, please make my life, family, calling and business your living word. May people when they look at me not be able to see where your Word ends and my world begins. May signs, wonders, favour and miracles follow the proclamation of your Word through my life – all for your glory. The Lord says: “A year of power, revelation, anointing, open doors and favour awaits, walk on strong, unhindered and fearlessly knowing “your God shall supply all of your needs according to HIS RICHES (not yours or the world’s) in glory, through Christ Jesus”! 🙏🙌👊🏼 Winners! 😇

What God shows me, whether in the middle of battles, the highs and lows of life or the middle of the night I will share with you in daylight! Speak Lord, we’re listening…