Prophetically, what does God have to say about Israel, Church and even Hamas right now? Yes, Hamas is in the Bible and nothing is happening by accident – all is ultimately playing into God’s hands and plans! God has prepared an Ark of protection, provision and power in these days as the flood waters come upon every land and gives a prophetic invitation for YOU to enter in! As Believers we must know what part God would have each of us to play with regard to Israel today! Please click the link here: WHAT TIME IS IT ON GOD’S PROPHETIC CLOCK? OR picture video link below and discover why Israel is the key to your blessing today!


The atrocities of recent days in Israel have not taken God by surprise! He is in complete control and no-one messes with His own! What is our response to be? How can we partner with heaven? The Lord gave me 7 keys we need for the days ahead after showing me weeks ago what’s coming now! Join Jesus and me prophetically and click the link here ISRAEL, CHURCH & WHAT’S COMING ON THE EARTH and get ahead of the enemy! I heard The Lord say, “SEE that you be not troubled…”!

A fortnight ago I was awoken through the night to lean in and pray. I heard The Lord say, as prophesied then STRENGTHEN YOUR BORDERS, WALLS, GATES & DOORS, “Blood, fire and gore are coming upon the world through the door of the Jewish year 5784, but the Blood of Jesus, fire of the Holy Spirit and awe of God are coming upon the people of my word!” Calling all Watchmen and Watch-women to pray for Israel, pray for the UK, USA, Europe and the nations!

This is war – look up! Arise in the much more of God for the battle is The Lord’s!


I sense the urgency of the hour! You are commissioned, anointed and appointed! The Master has great need of YOU! The Lord says, “I will break through gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron on your behalf! Divine exposure and divine power will be poured out in this hour!” Your God of breakthrough will breakthrough for you! Lean in to Him – believe, receive, achieve – you win! We win! Watch out world! Tune in here URGENT PROPHETIC MESSAGE – WATCH OUT WORLD or click the picture link below👇🏼

Be blessed!


We had just leapt through the door of the New Jewish/Hebrew Year 5784, during the ten days of awe and before Yom Kippur, when I was awoken through the night with this awe inspiring prophetic word. It shook me to the core! A clear warning for the world but oh, great awe and wonder for the children of The Lord! Watchmen and ‘Watchwomen’, Doorkeepers and Gatekeeper’s hear the call – take to your positions! Will you join with Jesus and me today, YEAR 5784… DAYS OF AWE or click picture link below! Open your hearts to hear and activate the word of The Lord – there’s a remnant rising as increasingly we will watch Governments and world systems falling and failing! Be ready!

Prepare to partner with heaven in the days of awe, through the door of 5784!

THROUGH THE DOOR OF YEAR 5784! What does it mean prophetically?

“Doors like dominoes will open before you as obstacles, hinderances and delays now fall before you! Close the trap doors…” says The Lord! Receive these 8 keys, break off every generational curse and weakness, and walk free into your destiny and dynasty, through the door of this new Hebrew year 5784 that overlaps with our Gregorian calendar 2023/2024! Enter the ‘much more’ of God through the door of 5784! Click the picture link below or here THROUGH THE DOOR OF JEWISH YEAR 5784 and lean into all heaven has in store!

When you’ve tuned into the prophetic word above, don’t miss 5784 YEAR OF THE WALLS, GATES AND OPEN DOORS!


I sense such an urgency – be ready for all that’s coming! Learn from the tyranny and deception of last time! Be wise and shine bright! I believe every Pastor, Leader and Believer can benefit, be armed and ready with this prophetic insight and warning! Let’s avoid the pitfalls – we must do better next time! Angels are standing to attention waiting for the sons and daughters of God to step up, step out and follow Jesus whatever the Price! Hear from heaven today, click the link below or here: WE MUST DO BETTER NEXT TIME!

Receive, believe, achieve great things!

GET UP AND BE…! (Must hear prophetic word for you and Nations…)

A ‘must hear’ prophetic word for you, our world and Nations. I may be surrounded by a chorus of Crickets here in Antalya, with aeroplanes circling above from sea to dousing forest fires towards the mountainous regions but when heaven’s speaking – I’m listening! The great and terrible day of The Lord prophesied in the scriptures is before us – great for those who know The Lord, not so for those who don’t!

Then he told me, ‘The God of our ancestors has chosen you to know his will and to see the Righteous One and hear him speak. For you are to be his witness, telling everyone what you have seen and heard. What are you waiting for? Get up and be baptized. Have your sins washed away by calling on the name of the Lord.’

Acts 22:14-16 NLT

YOU, yes YOU have been chosen to 1. Know Him. 2. See Him. 3. Hear Him. 4. Reveal Him! It is time for us to GET UP AND BE…! Be all The Lord has called us to be and most importantly be Jesus to the people!

What are we waiting for? There is a world that needs the saving power of Jesus!

Tune into this prophetic message for your life here: GET UP AND BE…! Or click the link below! Receive all you need and more by the word of The Lord today!


What does it really mean to ‘redeem the time’ because the days are evil? What does the word of God have to say about these days we find ourselves in – A.I., gender, transgender, LGBTQ, sin and evil increasing? What does The Lord require of you and me? We will not be shocked and shattered but strong, courageous and triumphant as we obey God’s prophetic call and arise in truth and power for the world’s darkest vs. the Church’s brightest and finest hour! Please click the video link below or here REDEEM THE TIME and be empowered, equipped and encouraged today for all that lies ahead!

Be blessed as The Lord speaks to your heart today!


The enemy is targeting this generation and evil is being unleashed like never before! It is time to target the enemy precisely, powerfully and purposefully! We will tear down every evil altar and erect an altar for the Lord! The devil is not having our homes, families, children, marriages, businesses, schools, societies! Not on our watch!

You don’t want to miss this message TARGET THE ENEMY PRECISELY, POWERFULLY AND PURPOSEFULLY! or view video below – be encouraged and empowered today:

The remnant is rising – we will occupy, take back ground and release His kingdom until Christ comes! The Gideon call has gone out from the throne and the watchmen and watch women are sounding out the alarm! Evil will not prevail on our watch! What is The Lord saying about the evil waters rising, the increase in mental health issues, the LGBTQ agenda, Target, BLM, the rise in satanism, witchcraft and The Satanic Temple – all flaunting in the public square?

I will not be silent! I will partner with heaven in this hour of God’s power! Will you raise your voice with me today and say after receiving the word of The Lord, “NOT ON MY WATCH”! It’s time!


As I was ‘divinely distracted’ from cleaning the kitchen (I’ll take that distraction😇😉), The Lord literally poured this word into me fresh from the fire! I make no apologies for the strength of this word but pray every hearer, Leader, Church and Nation will lean in, listen and obey! Recognise, repent and return for The Lord is turning to us in a special way in these last of the last days! I sense the Gideon call going out loud and strong – Part 2 coming soon!

Please click the link here REMNANT RISE – GO IN THIS YOUR STRENGTH! or video link below and may The Lord speak to you as He spoke to me! Be blessed today.