A Change is Coming…A God Word for 2018 (Hebrew Year 5778)

A change is coming… the winds of change are blowing!

For 2018 the winds of change are blowing – an end of waiting! For all you have longed for there is a time of fulfilment coming. Just as the clouds above fill to bursting – I hear in the spirit the sound of the ABUNDANCE of rain, blessings and see a bursting point over God’s people. The bursting point is where disappointment and faith meet, where the bitter hits God’s sweet, where what the enemy meant for harm in your life God turns to your gain and good! Expect a year filled with miraculous supply for your breakdown has met your breakthrough! 2018 is a year of completion, a coming together of yet to be fulfilled dreams and expectations – a year when disappointment and faith collide and the results are divine fulfilment and fruitfulness. God says “it is my time for favour – after the preparation and refinement comes Heaven’s assignment”!

2018 continues the Jewish year 5778 of Jubilee, with that comes celebration, where all must return to the rightful owner.  Callings and destinies held back for such a time as this are being released! Apply God’s word to your life and situation – this is God’s Jubilee time to take back what is God’s and as His children, therefore, rightfully yours and mine. You will not diminish but go from strength to strength and finish strong, giving God glory! The struggle is over, you have prevailed and won, now rise on God’s momentum above it all, enter your rest, partner with heaven as God’s Kingdom comes and His will is done!

Put your foot down in 2018; spiritually, physically, financially, commercially and emotionally. Every place the soles of your feet shall tread that land I have given you. Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe, put their foot down and exercise my authority. What you permit on Earth is permitted in heaven what you do not permit on Earth is not permitted in heaven. You are the neck that turns the head – hold your head high, not low, for as you do you lift up Jesus!

I crown this year with my bounty, your paths will drip with abundance! Step out and as you put your foot down and go my miraculous abundance and blessing will flow!

In the year 2018 we have now gone beyond the Jewish year 5777 into the Jewish year 5778. Numbers have great meaning and significance in Hebrew. 5 signifies grace, 7 completion, double 7 represents God’s double portion time and 8, well are you ready for this…. Eight goes beyond completion found in the number ‘7’and means ‘fat’ ‘to bursting point’ ‘overflow’! As you go God’s miraculous provision will burst out above you, beneath you, all around you as blessings surround you! Eight is the Hebrew word Shemoni (f) Shemonah (m) and literally means to “make fat”, “new beginnings”, “a new order”, not just complete (like 7) but satiated. To become fat is to be complete and full to overflowing – God’s power, wisdom, provision will burst the banks of your life, jump off the pages of your Bible and onto the pavement wherever you put your foot down – the natural will meet the supernatural everywhere you go!

Eight moves beyond the completed work of 7 and moves us into the supernatural as God’s Kingdom comes. It depicts new beginnings as Hebraic thought sees time and the calendar as cyclical rather than linear.  The Bible continually speaks about the appointed time… at the appointed time Jesus came, at the appointed time Jesus will come again… this is our appointed time of favour, double portion, authority and fulfilment. The Old Testament speaks of the sons of Issachar who knew the times and seasons, God wants His sons and daughters to know today the cycle they are in and to make God’s miraculous supply and blessings their own as they enter His throne.

Importantly, eight is a double portion of four. Four in Hebrew represents sceptre, government, authority and rule! Put your foot down in God’s authority, it is double portion time! I heard a God whisper “My Church will know my power in this hour”!

Arise and shine child of God, the darkness tried to put out your light but it could not, to quench your desire but your passion for Jesus emerged stronger than ever, to trample your faith on the floor but instead your faith was only set up to soar stronger and higher than ever! Yes arise and shine, this is God’s appointed time for you!

Now to Earth this heavenly download and prophetic message quite literally. As I was about to take a bath before going out last night, and to forward this message to my Senior Pastor (the prophetic is dangerous out on a limb but I honour the safety and accountability I have within the Church covering God has given me)…. Anyway, my new infinity heart necklace, a Christmas present from my husband, went flying as I took it off! I screamed ‘NOOO’ as it sparkled and glistened at the bottom of our toilet!!! So what did I do? Leave it there, flush it away as now worthless and contaminated, call for my husband – pass the buck, he bought it so it was his responsibility to get it? Of course not… there were no lengths I wouldn’t go to in order to retrieve it, even if it meant getting my own hands dirty! I’m just giving you this real! It is now back in its rightful place around my neck and close to my heart.

In that moment I heard God’s voice in my spirit, “Separate the precious from the putrid, the valuable from the vile, the holy from the unholy”! You see, God’s treasure is souls – all the abundance, gifting anointing and blessing He is bringing His Children into and shining on His Church in this hour is for the purpose of bringing His children home! Go and retrieve them – God calls them priceless and holy! One of the meanings of the word holy is fully functional; only our Creator, our Maker and Heavenly Father can make us fully functional, as He originally intended, before the ravages of sin. Whatever it takes in 2018, bring the lost and broken to Him – I heard and received with tears His beautiful voice calling His Church across the globe “it is time to bring my Harvest in”!

In closing, I love how God is always in the detail. I have only realised the infinity necklace in itself is a prophetic picture I shall carry with me into 2018 (Jewish year 5778), as if you look closely again at the picture, without knowing, my husband’s gift was prophetic and in tune with heaven, it is also the number 8! I couldn’t make heaven’s smile up if I tried!

God bless you as you enter this New Year filled with heavenly opportunity. Baby Judah and I have loved this year of blogging with you all, now let’s see what God has in store in 5778 as God prepares us for even more of His glory through the gates of Hebraic year 5779! Rise and shine… 2019, Jewish year 5779, will be here in no time… See prophetic word and link below:


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  1. God Bless you!! That was absolutely beautiful! I know it was definitely a prophetic message as the Lord spoke to me as I read it. Thank you for your obedience and love of God’s people to share this wonderful message. Your Sister in Christ Jesus. Amen!!

  2. Yes absolutely “A Change Has Come,” I’m thanking All-Knowing and Merciful God for His healing word pouring out from you! ! ! Thanks extremely much, I truly blessed in God’s abundance of love, favor, peace, joy and wellness always and forever!

    1. May a double portion of Gods blessing and favour be on you and burst the banks of your life today.

  3. Thank you for this word! I know now that the testing days are behind and that I am coming out into an awesome life living for God. A place of ruling an reigning with Him. Thank you for spending the time and dedicating yourself to giving this encouraging word! Greatly appreciated it is!!!

  4. So you think you truly know what these prophecies mean…let me help you all out with them.

    The doors of the Church is still open for all those who love and want God/Jesus in their life…please read with understanding!

    I am a Warrior Empress. Daddy God, Ancient of Days…Yahweh Saboath…the God of War has called me and made me a Seer. I wrote a book Trees of Righteousness by Empress Em Sharon Yisrael on Amazon telling everyone what is happening and why. Isa 66:8/Rev. 12/Rev 7 is speaking about slave descendants, Africans of the Diaspora who are suffering the perpetual, generational curses of Deut 28:15-68. We are the true descendants of the Children of Israel who is presently still in captivity while being exiled from Canaan known as modern day Israel.
    The nations have made us Canaanites. We are not Ham…we are Shem who inherited the land of Canaan/Israel.

    Donald Trump signed a bill HR1242 into legislation commemorating 400 years of African American achievements in America. That lines up with Gen. 15:13-14/Acts 7:6-7.
    In a moments notice we will be birthed into a Nation being prepared for Jesus/Yahushau’s return.

    Then you say ‘Replacement Theory???? You got your eyes on the wrong people. Psl 83 tells you this, how the nations got together to erase our name and association to our land.
    How do you think the Church will inherit our wealth? This is an abomination and do not line up with scripture. Where is the Church persecution like that of slave descendants being tried in the fire like Job?

    How does a convert become an inheritor? The Jews wear our name while we do the time of the 400 year curse. The Jewish people stole our wealth and the Roman Catholic Church did too. This is Identity Theft! The wealth is in the wrong hands. I decree and declare everything stolen from Shem must be given back to us. When we fell we left a vacancy in the land at the time of our exile in 70ad. We are Asiatic black people, the true Hebrews.

    Jubilee 2019 is soon upon us. Spiritual chains on our hands/feet; spiritual yokes on our necks are suddenly destroyed…we’s free yall! Everyone will know it including ourselves. We are finally redeemed from our 400 years spiritual curse! How will that picture look????
    I’m doing my happy dance cause Satan and his kingdom is under our feet. We dance on his head with this spiritual sword in our mouths and a weapon of praise!
    Get ready, get ready, get ready ….we have an awesome date with destiny…and the world thought we were born into a generational, perpetual curse forever and ever….hahaha…surprise surprise!!!!!

  5. Thank you for this power full prophetic words… I thought I was looking my sanity when God shared with me these visions … Thank you Lord for making me aware of it all … these prophesies are real and precise brethren.. Slalom.?.

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