THIS IS WAR, Coronavirus (Covid-19) – A God Dream

A prophetic, right now word for every ‘believing Believer’ to rise up in their God given authority. What has been hidden is about to be revealed! This is the hour of God’s power. Redeem the time! There will be a clear distinction between people who draw from the world as their source and my children who draw from my Word as their source” says the Lord… For video please click here: THIS IS WAR, Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A God Dream

God bless you, Christine (Momma of many) xo

KINGS & PRIESTS ARISE – You Are Crowned and Commissioned

A little unusually this time, I have live video recorded the message I felt God downloaded to me. I was last in line for the laptop to download this as a blog, with our wonderful family of 5 children in lockdown and homeschooling taking priority. Where there’s a will there’s a way though! May I encourage you in this crazy season, you don’t need to let it make you crazy! Don’t focus on what you can’t do but what you can do OR give attention to what you haven’t got but be thankful for what you have got! On that note, here I am, real and raw, tucked away in my bedroom whilst the kids enjoyed some ‘fab with Dad time’! In fact at one point you may pick up some screams of delight from our 3 year old.

I can’t take full credit for the idea, but something our gorgeous Senior Pastors, Jon & Chantel Norman, said during our staff briefing and devotion (over the computer) this week resonated with me. They were encouraging all staff to record a voice-note and send a prayer or word of encouragement to 5 people as the Lord places them on their heart at this time. Well, I have no clue how to do a voice-note (please don’t judge me – hubby will sort me…. eventually, he’s my techy genius) but, I thought I’d go large with my ‘voice-note of sorts’! I realised I may not have my laptop but I do have my phone and I can press record and then send this ‘God word’ to my five, plus, plus, plus…. I pray as you receive this prophetic word, very real and raw from my bedroom and heart to you, that you will experience the same sweetness, power and presence flooding your room! Ready, steady, grab a cuppa tea and join me… “KINGS & PRIESTS ARISE” – I heard the whisper of heaven “You have been crowned and commissioned!”

Please subscribe to Momma of Many too on YouTube (it was only after I came out of hiding from our bedroom half an hour later and asked hubby what I do now, I realised it wasn’t as simple as all that…:-) YouTube set up got added to hubby’s endless ‘To Do’ list! My Super-Hero Hubby spent his Friday night setting up the Momma of Many YouTube account and uploading the video, no mean feat with the slowest internet on the planet right now. So please make it worth his while and subscribe! For the children of God, Coronavirus (Covid-19) will not hold you back or pull you down, you have been called to “take ground”! I have been doing just that. Push beyond your comfort zones, keep pressing forward into the new and the wealth God has for you in these exciting times we live in! He promises in Isaiah, “I will give you treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places”. Dig deep, lean into Him and WIN! As my darling Dad used to tell my brothers and I everyday, “You’re a Winner”!

God bless you, Christine – Mommaofmany xo

Social Distancing & Lockdown – what should our response be?

At the dinner table tonight, my hubby announced some additions to Boris Johnson’s lockdown over the next few weeks and perhaps beyond. The first got our 11 year old daughter excited – everyone to go through the array of cookbooks, choose a recipe, and the ingredients would be provided for each one of our five kids to cook up a storm for the family. She laughed and burst in with “starting with the youngest?” Perhaps we’ll let our little Judah off the hook at only aged three!

The second one I loved as Daddy announced that during our daily Communion together, we will each take it in turns to share a word or something that God has been speaking to our hearts. I dashed upstairs for my Bible and dived right in with my God word from that morning on social distancing. I bet you didn’t even realise it was in the Bible, well here it is. You can read about it in Exodus 33. In the previous chapter God had exposed the man-made gods for what they were, man-made! They were destroyed. Our man-made Gods of money, materialism, self reliance, position and power to name but a few have come crashing to the ground and exposed for what they are, fallible and man-made, unlike our infallible true God. He alone is worthy of the adoration, worship and adulation of our lives!

[7] It was Moses’ practice to take the Tent of Meeting and set it up some distance from the camp. Everyone who wanted to make a request of the LORD would go to the Tent of Meeting outside the camp. [8] Whenever Moses went out to the Tent of Meeting, all the people would get up and stand in the entrances of their own tents. They would all watch Moses until he disappeared inside. [9] As he went into the tent, the pillar of cloud would come down and hover at its entrance while the LORD spoke with Moses. [10] When the people saw the cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, they would stand and bow down in front of their own tents. [11] Inside the Tent of Meeting, the LORD WOULD SPEAK TO MOSES FACE TO FACE, AS ONE SPEAKS TO A FRIEND.”

Exodus 33:7-11 NLT

The tent of meeting or tabernacle as it was known, was the dwelling place for the Lord to dwell, set a distance away from the people. You see back in the day our sin separated us, sickness separated us – sin is the greatest sickness known to mankind. That sin and sickness led to the first social distancing known to man – our separation from God! Out of all the people on the earth, only one man dared to draw near… his name was Moses. Moses means ‘pull out/draw out/Deliverer’. In this day and age, because of Jesus death on the cross and resurrection (our ultimate deliverer), He has made a way for all to draw near to God again! Yet still, just like back in Moses day, many stay away! As you can tell, we got deep around our dinner table tonight as I shared with my kids that no matter what the world is doing with social distancing and isolation at this time, let us be like Moses and draw apart from the world and close to God, He invites us into His dwelling place, into His presence, into His tabernacle, into His Kingdom. Don’t hang outside the camp like the rest of the people did and miss out! A closer walk with Him, no more separation from God, social distancing from the world, yes, and the things we once clung so tightly to, yes, but let’s embrace this isolation that can be the best preparation for His power and presence in our lives! God longs to speak with you face to face, as a friend. We have literally been ‘pulled out’ of our status quo and I believe Jesus now longs to ‘draw us out’ from the ‘strong-holds’ of this world that can never truly satisfy to a rich and beautiful place alone with Him!

As we prayed and took communion together I felt led to do something, and dipped my finger in the cup, walked to the front and back door, and marked it as a sign on the doorpost of our home, as our children watched! Just like Moses, (remember his name means Deliverer), was a deliverer for the Israelites back in their day, God spoke through him to the children of Israel to place the innocent blood of the lamb on the door posts of their home to keep the plague and death away. I explained how much more we can trust in the precious and priceless blood of Jesus, our Passover lamb to provide protection over our home and indeed every home that will place their trust in Him, in this, our day! Coronavirus, Covid-19 and no plague can have its wicked way but it’s power is destroyed in Jesus name! “A lamb for a house”, that’s what the Bible says, not just a lamb for a life, but the Lord is drawing families back together and entire families will be saved! As for me and my house we will trust and not be afraid! Coronavirus (Covid-19) Prophetic Word: “The Game Changer”

What is the Lord saying:

  1. Draw near. This is the time to seek the Lord (seek in Hebrew means to desire and require God as your vital necessity). Draw near, through Jesus there is no more social distancing from God’s presence, in fact he extends an invitation to intimacy with Him.
  2. Return home. God calls you back to Him and to the true simplicity, priority and important over the urgent in your life! “Hold Jesus tightly, people closely and things loosely” is my simple life philosophy. We may be metres apart in pubic but let’s hold friends, family and loved ones close in our hearts and prayers during this time.
  3. Lock down fear and lock in faith as you put your trust in Jesus completely and take communion daily. Read How to Stop The Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  4. For those in self isolation like my own dear mother, (pictured so beautifully by my brother in the picture above), delivering roast dinner to her this week, rest assured you are not alone, you host the King who sits on the throne. In the words of my mother “alone but never lonely, Jesus is with me”! To all our elderly and vulnerable we honour you, and as we pray “a lamb for a house” that includes you, our precious family, who can’t be with us today!
  5. The power of prayer and praise. The Bible tells us they rise to heaven like incense. That means, just like incense, our prayers and praise ‘spread’ and have far reaching effects. Let your prayers and praise go up continually and break through every barricade for the power of God will not be contained, but break out and spread higher, further and faster than any virus. Corona – I Will Not Bow!


Father God, I will trust you and not be afraid. I thank you for your presence, your power and your protection for my family. Bring many home to your heart at this time, as families across the earth have been called home, so you are calling many to return home to you. I love you Lord. I give you praise. In Jesus name. Amen.


Coronavirus, the invisible enemy, is terrorising Government’s, world leaders, the nations and bringing economies to their knees. Through the night as I prayed a response rose up from inside of me… “CORONA – I WILL NOT BOW MY KNEE!”

I believe this must be the response of the children of God in this hour. I sense an urgency in my spirit and cannot keep silent. There is a ‘mix’ of fear and faith at work inside the heart’s of many believers. The two cannot co-exist for one is of the Kingdom of light and the other of the Kingdom of darkness, fear is at work to choke your faith, yet many welcome fear as their guest, entertaining him wearing his deceptive, subtle and very acceptable guise of ‘common sense’ and in some cases masquerading as wisdom – what a counterfeit to all the Holy Spirit is to us. If fear is at the root or behind the choices you make, do not bow to it, but bend your knee in faith to the only King worthy, His name is Jesus. By all means be wise, God blesses us as we honour authority and follow the advice of Government’s, experts and leaders. Please do wash your hands and as you need to self isolate, just do it with faith. Fear will be the dictator behind withholding a helping hand from someone in need through to stockpiling whilst shopping. Sow seeds of kindness and selflessness that will reap a harvest of good, opposed to selfishness and feeding a spirit of greed. Please hear my heart, I do not say this judgementally but that God’s children can break off this constraining and constricting yoke around their neck. The Church is not choking powerlessly but it’s voice resounding mightily.

“You take what the enemy meant for evil and you turn it for good”, those words sung by Bethel Worship in the song See A Victory, are on repeat in my spirit right now. To this spirit masquerading behind the virus that is demanding our awe, fear, and negative attention – “I WILL NOT BOW”. Like Daniel and many Bible heroes who did not bow to the evil pressures in their day, even the faith heroes of more recent years like John G Lake and Smith Wigglesworth “We will not bow” but display a different SPIRIT! No ‘mix of fear and faith’ in our lives for the mix will immobilise, therefore children of God, root out fear today and let faith rule and have it’s miraculous way!

The Lord showed me that just as there has been a distinction between believers and unbelievers in the past, in this new era there will be a clear distinction between “Believing Believers and Unbelieving Believers”. Think on that. The Bible promises signs and wonders will follow those who believe. Now there’s an uncomfortable challenge for every so called believer. What’s following you…? Negativity, doubt, works without any wonders or the undeniable presence, peace and miraculous power of God for all to see. You will pray for the sick and they will recover – that should be our reality and what’s more no disease will be able to find a place to rest or nest on you and all evil will have to flee.

Corona, as God had me declare in HOW TO STOP THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), means ‘Crown’ in Greek. Let me assure you the spirit behind Coronavirus is nothing to do with God, we know that from the evil fruits it produces; anxiety, fear, sickness, instability, destruction, isolation and death. It seeks to cut of our precious older community before their time but as God revealed in HOW TO BEAT THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) OUTBREAK, this evil strategy from hell is thwarted. Preceding the first exodus it was the first born targeted to die and preceding the final exodus, when Jesus will return to take His Children home, the enemy is targeting the last born. Read more on this prophetic word God downloaded to me in CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) PROPHETIC WORD “THE GAME CHANGER“. The Lord promises us in His word He does nothing without first showing His people and prophets. Coronavirus has many bowing and cowering to it currently the world over. Not so for the children of God. The good news is we are going to see a great victory!

The virus wants you to give Corona, meaning crown, the crown, and to watch you bow down in reverence and awe – do not give reverence to this enemy or place any crown on its head, it’s a crown of fear, immobilisation and dread. The Lord says “those who do not bow the knee, will rise with me… above it all. For the children of God, this will not be a set back for you, oh no, this is your set up to soar.” Remember, fear immobilises you and just as still waters stagnate, God wants your every move to be motivated by faith for there is a river of God flowing from His throne with revival, the ‘restoration of all things’ and healing for Nations in its flow. “It is time,” says the Lord, “The whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). This Coronavirus that rides like a rampant horse wearing its crown, will be brought down as the wind of my spirit blows it away, this will happen as my children pray. It has waged war for your heart that includes the heart of your health, family, loved ones, community, finances, stability and nation. Get ready, it’s about to reap the whirlwind of my Spirit, shall you not see it” says the Lord!

As the Lord placed the story of Daniel on my heart, I was reminded how he refused to bow to the King’s Godless dictates loaded with fear and instead, He could be found on his bended knees to God alone throughout the day. The people looked on and thought he was crazy, they really didn’t want his kind. Prepare to be misunderstood but stand in your faith, not fear, anyway! Similarly, in our hearts multiple times throughout the day we must constantly be bending our knee, our lives and our will to Jesus, His ways, choosing faith over fear and speaking in accordance with what God’s word says and not what we see, hear or feel from around us. To bow or bend your knee requires action. As you bow or bend to fear or faith, choose wisely, intentionally, do not allow yourself to bow passively, it will determine the outcomes of your life. As I have said repeatedly before, everything is at stake in matters of faith!

“Build yourself up in your most holy faith praying in the Spirit” Jude 1:20! There it is, immunity and health are built up inside of you right there – the divine and supernatural in your natural! Take your daily dose of prayer, communion and faith in God’s word instead of fear over what you see and enjoy heaven’s immunity from what’s going on in the world around you. You are of another, higher, healthier Kingdom! According to your faith so be it to you. What are you putting your faith in; isolation, government advice, people or leaders… again, adhere to these things but put your faith and trust firmly in the Lord alone. Isaiah 7:9 shows us that if a man does not stand in his faith, he will not stand. “There will be a distinction between those who will draw from this world and those who draw from My Word,” says the Lord.

Don’t put your confidence in powerful people;
    there is no help for you there.
When they breathe their last, they return to the earth,
    and all their plans die with them.

 But joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper,
 whose hope is in the Lord their God.
He made heaven and earth,
 the sea, and everything in them.
 He keeps every promise forever.
He gives justice to the oppressed
 and food to the hungry.
The Lord frees the prisoners.
 The Lord opens the eyes of the blind.
The Lord lifts up those who are weighed down.
 The Lord loves the godly.
The Lord protects the foreigners among us.
 He cares for the orphans and widows,
 but he frustrates the plans of the wicked.
The Lord will reign forever. He will be your God,
O Jerusalem,] throughout the generations.

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 146:3-10

Back in Daniel’s day he was the minority as the majority displayed the herd mentality, bowing and cowering to the King who set himself up as God. Step up and stand out from the crowd – God never called you to blend in anyway. You’re not called to be cool but to be the fire of God, uniquely who God has called you to be on the earth!

Oh, for the fire of faith by the Spirit of God to blaze in the lives of ‘Believing Believers’, in this day!

Daniel looked ridiculous and was thrown into the lions den, shut up tight through the darkest night, isolated but not alone! God was with Him, for Him and working miracles on His behalf. God showed up and showed off as Daniel trusted even if it would cost Him His life and displayed God’s miraculous deliverance and power before the eyes of a watching world. The lion’s mouths were shut and they had no power over him – this virus has no power over you too, it may roar like a raging lion but it will not get it’s teeth into you. Calling all believers to believe!

On another occasion, three of Daniel’s young friends (you can read about their faith heroics in the book of Daniel chapter 3), would not bow their knee to any other than the Lord their God. When threatened with being thrown into the fiery furnace they responded: “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God whom we serve is able to save us. He will rescue us from your power, Your Majesty. BUT EVEN IF HE DOESN’T, we want to make it clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.” Faith that will go all the way, and say, “If I perish, I perish”, but I will not bow, is rising up again in this hour.

The fear buster is in surrendering our lives into Jesus hands, bowing our knee and accepting God’s higher plans, we are not temporal beings but eternal… We must stop looking at our lives and situations through a temporal lens but from an eternal perspective. The fear buster will be demonstrated in the same faith attitude of so many who have gone before us and now cheer us on from their heavenly home.

The last performance I saw at the Theatre Royal with my children before the world went into crazy lockdown was Les Miserables. I sobbed uncontrollably at the end as the freedom fighters who fell as they fought with their lives arose and sang their victory song:

“Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men, this is the music of a people who will not be slaves again, when the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes. Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see? Then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free. Will you give all you can give,so that our banner may advance, some will fall and some will live, will you stand up and take your chance…?” It goes on to say “the blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France”… How much more as God’s children’s heart beat to a different drum than that of fear but that hear God’s call to arise in faith, will this be the final hour of God’s deliverance and power for multiplied millions! How much more will the blood of Jesus speak life, healing and freedom today! How much more will He use us to selflessly water a parched and desperate world so they may draw from a different well too – that of God’s Kingdom as it flows all around me and you!

I Hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit say, “If Jesus returns now, will He find faith on the earth or will He find that tyrant fear reigning in your heart?” From sick beds will God find fear or faith, in businesses and finances will God find fear or faith, in governments and medical institutions will God find fear or faith, most importantly of all in His Church and Israel on the earth, will God find fear or faith? Fall to your knees in prayer and rise to exponential heights from there.

Ever find yourself thinking ridiculously and then you catch yourself on, or is it just me? Yesterday I shared with a friend how in my mental “TO DO” list I needed to throughly clean and get my house in order for any lockdown. I smiled as I realised there will be plenty of time for that potentially, but for now use every moment outwardly, wisely, productively and fearlessly.

I heard the Lord say, “I am extending time for my children to get their house in order. TURN to me and in many cases, RETURN to me! I call my children to their home, family, to come to me, to prepare for the final call home to be with me eternally. Back to your ‘Ark’ for I shall save many families alive! Household salvation – as in the beginning where I ordained ‘family – my priority’, in the end so shall it be! Yes I am resetting priorities on the earth, divinely. The times are in my hand and the time is at hand”!

Since the Bible tells us in Hebrews 12:1-2: “We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” May we join with heaven’s chorus as we sing and dance to the beat of a different drum. Heaven cheers us on!


Heavenly Father, in this hour of your power I surrender all to your call – may I only live to make heaven proud. I choose to sing and dance to the beat of a different drum! Come Lord Jesus, the Spirit and the bride say “Come”. In Jesus name. Amen.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Prophetic Word: “The Game Changer”

I heard a God whisper “Coronavirus (Covid-19) – the game changer”! Dictionary definition of game changer: “An event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.”

The hearts of National leaders, governments, men and women throughout the nations have been literally stopped in their tracks and confronted with their human and natural fallibility. Our materialism, wealth, medical expertise are rendered powerless as Coronavirus (Covid-19) unleashes it’s poisonous venom, rendering our man-made institutions into a state of paralysis. Not so for the Church of Jesus Christ and children of God, the Lord says “As a mighty army I am bringing you out of dependency on this world’s fallible systems into dependency on the Kingdom of God and my provisions for you. In the darkness my light will shine brightly through you leading multitudes to find me – the only Way, the Truth, and the Life”. This is the Church’s final and finest hour of God’s power!

As I was caught up in worship in what turned into a power-packed mega prayer night at Soul Church, Norwich, last Sunday, I saw a vision like many streaks of fire that increased in number, compacting closer and closer together until what could be seen was one all consuming, massive fire and flame. The Government’s advice and that of scientists and health authorities is to implement social distancing and isolation yet in the midst of this the children of God were compacting closer together and to our source, Jesus, increasing in number and spreading the fire. The Lord showed me the fire was two-fold in function for and through the children of God: 1) destroying evil as our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit were impenetrable and unstoppable. 2) The fire and light was undeniable in its power and magnitude, attracting multitudes as they too accepted the Father’s love, protection and miraculous power for their lives. God’s presence in and through the children of God would be contagious with many catching the fire and their lives never being the same again.

This is the ‘heavenly download’ I received in those awe inspiring moments, where the passion and love of God I experienced inside me for people to come to know Him was heartbreakingly too heavy to bear, and yet in my humanness I was all too aware I experienced the tiniest taste of it. How immense is the love of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that aches with longing for the children Jesus died for to come home and into the family, protection and perfection of God. God is exposing the weakness of man, politics and governments and calling Governments and world leaders to turn to Him, for the “Government shall be upon HIS shoulder”. Again, oh how he loves the Governments and nations of the world.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given [Jesus]: and the government shall be upon His shoulder; and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6


God’s word tells us “My strength is made perfect in your weakness”. Our weakness, vulnerability and mortality are exposed. He alone is our Counsellor, Mighty God, Father, Peace and will show Himself to be wonderful on our behalf, if we ask Him to. A choice is set before every leader, man, woman, boy and girl. We can choose to trust in ourselves and our weakness or God’s Strength. Those who choose God’s strength will see His miraculous provision, prosperity and GLORY – that is the full weight of His presence and in His presence will be found provision, prosperity and breakthroughs. The Lord says “Nations have been stopped in their tracks, business as usual is replaced with the unprecedented and unusual, for those Presidents, Prime ministers and Leaders who call on me, it will be the difference between ‘crisis’ and ‘opportunity’. Every dependency outside of me will be shown up for its inadequacy in this hour of my power. Those who fall to their knees prayerfully, will rise exponentially, and receive game changing strategy.”

There is a shift on the earth. I see as I type this God drawing the very hearts of entire nations as though magnetically back to Him. The word ‘Corona” means ‘Crown’ in Greek, and Coronavirus (Covid-19) will retreat, as men and women make God their choice, its tyrannical rule of fear and death to economies and freedom will be trampled under the feet of praying men and woman, emerging as a mighty army on the earth, and welcoming in King Jesus! He will be the giver of true prosperity, protection and freedom to all who will receive from Him! The tyrannical rule of fear and lack prevalent in an empty life lived outside of God is the best this world can offer in comparison to the freedom and abundant, Spirit filled life available through Christ. “I set before you life and death, choose life”!

The next thing the beautiful Holy spirit showed me blew me away! I saw the first exodus, where after the ten plagues foretold in the Bible story 3,500 years ago, God led His children out into a place called Succoth, which means in Hebrew ‘booths’, ‘temporary homes/tents’ or ‘to weave a protection’. These were temporary dwellings as the children of Israel waited on God in the wilderness to lead them into their promised land, at that time Israel. So often we trust in the temporary rather than the eternal. They were naturally exposed and vulnerable in the wilderness and the world, just like we are today, yet weaved into their homes and lives was the very supernatural presence and protection of God. May we be one with Him. May people not be able to see where yours and my life ends and His life begins and visa versa! That’s Kingdom living!

As we wait in this world for Jesus to come and bring all God’s children into the ultimate promised land; our wonderful, eternal and heavenly home, we too can trust in the protection and provision of Jesus weaved into the very fibre of our beings. “Christ in you and me the hope (confident expectation) of glory (full weight of the presence of God in our lives). What a promise found in Colossians 1:27! We are not alone in this wilderness world for Jesus Himself said “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word; and My Father will love Him, and We will come to Him and make Our home with Him.” John 14:23. Child of God, no matter what you face, keep and follow His Word, what indestructible power and wealth abides within you! Make the Lord your home, booth, dwelling place, protection and trusted, most intimate companion.

You see when the tenth and final plague hit Egypt and their hard hearted nation’s leader, Pharaoh, the equivalent of our Presidents or Prime Ministers today, there was the choice to reject God or to trust and obey God. This plague, or epidemic if you like, targeted and killed the first born throughout the nation of Egypt, but yet this national disaster was the catalyst that preceded and propelled the children of Israel into the promised land. God will advance you, enhance you but never will He harm you. Trust His purposes in the dark, when you least expect it His light will come bursting through. HOW TO BEAT THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) OUTBREAK

We see from the verse above we are living in the last days preceding the return of Jesus and the headlines of newspapers are array with the Coronavirus Covid-19 plague, epidemic and pandemic that is today targeting the very lives of, get this, not the first born in our community, but our much loved older community; this time the last born! This is the generation that God says will not pass away without seeing the coming of the Lord – they cannot be wiped out before His return. Read on…just stay with me a little longer whilst I unpack this prophetic revelation and truth. In the last days let’s pray dangerous prayers and declare with Moses below a clear distinction between the people, and indeed our older and vulnerable communities, who do not trust in the Lord and those who do!

Hear the word of the Lord:

“Moses had announced to Pharaoh, “This is what the Lord says….”All the firstborn sons will die in every family in Egypt, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on his throne to the first born son of his lowliest servant girl who grinds the flour. Even the firstborn of all the stock will die. Then a loud wail will rise throughout the land of Egypt, a wail like no one has heard before or will ever hear again. BUT AMONG THE ISRAELITES [representing the children of God] IT WILL BE SO PEACEFUL THAT NOT EVEN A DOG WILL BARK. THEN YOU WILL KNOW THAT THE LORD MAKES A DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE EGYPTIANS [world] AND THE ISRAELITES [the Church/Israel and children of God]!

Exodus 11:4-7


The last plague and pandemic preceding the first exodus, that was the catalyst to, in God’s words “let my people go that they may worship me,” came to devour and destroy the firstborn but the children of God who trusted and followed God wholeheartedly (and in all honesty ridiculously) were exempt and protected. Could this Coronavirus be the last plague or string of plagues and pandemics that will precede a great exodus of people turning their backs on all the dependencies of this world to trust in the living God so that multitudes may come to know and worship the God who loves them? One things for sure, my Mum who we love dearly is in her seventies and this plague and pandemic will not devour her – or any of our elderly loved or vulnerable ones, as we put our trust in the Lord and the power of God’s word for theirs and for our lives. You see, that dirty devil cannot devour you, me or have our faith for tea, unless we through fear, faithlessness and unbelief permit it! Revoke the enemy’s permit today with your faith.

Around two million Israelites left Egypt and fell in the wilderness. They failed to enter the promised land through their unbelief during the first exodus. Only two displayed a different spirit and response. What should our response be? To see differently and respond with faith, rather than react to fear, regardless of the media and negativity. I’m no mathematician but only 2 out of 2 million is an appalling statistic. That’s 1 in a million. I believe the Lord would say in these last days instead of one in a million believing God and entering God’s promised land, let’s learn from their unbelief and find our rest trusting in Jesus.

“But you are my witnesses, O Israel!” says the Lord… You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God. There is no other God – there never has been, and there never will be. I, yes I, am the Lord, and there is no other Saviour. First I predicted your rescue, then I saved you and proclaimed it to the world.”

Isaiah 43:10-12


Unlike that first exodus, this time may one be as a million for such will be the impact as we use every available means to win our world for Jesus. Don’t follow the crowd, be led in panic by the pack or follow the mentality of the herd, stand strong in the power of HIS might and be a Leader that points the wandering and frightened multitudes to our Prince of Peace, Jesus.

As I wept on my knees before God the final ‘download’ I experienced was His overwhelming love, grace and divine delay extended right now for the world to come to know Him. God promised the children of Israel they would be slaves in Egypt for 400 years and then their Deliverer would come. As 400 years came and passed, then 410, then 420 they must have doubted, been disapointed and disillusioned. Did God really say? BUT God was working in the unseen, behind the scenes.

40 “The people of Israel had lived in Egypt[a] for 430 years. 41 In fact, it was on the last day of the 430th year that all the Lord’s forces left the land.”

Exodus 12:40-41 New Living Translation (NLT)


Do you ever feel like your faith is pushed to the very last minute in your life? So did the children of Israel but God never fails and will always come through for you.

God has promised Jesus will return and extensive prophesies have been fulfilled, including Israel being scattered to the nations. Yes, He is coming soon, not something we hear much about in this day and age. Did you know even the horrific Holocaust was foretold in the Bible, you can read about it in Ezekiel 37 and that out of that God would breathe His life into the dry bones, establishing Israel back in her promised land again. This miraculously happened in 1948 and God’s word tells us when we see these things happen the time is near for the return of Jesus. That dirty devil tried to wipe God’s chosen Jewish people off the face of the earth to disprove God’s Word. Massive fail that turned from atrocity into one of Israel’s greatest wins, leading them home – another great prophesied exodus fulfilled. In fact the Bible further prophesies that the generation or people alive to see this happen will not pass away without seeing the return of Jesus to take His children home. They might be an ageing population today but could there be an underlying evil strategy to wipe out these dear ones, our elderly community, before their time and to try and prevent the fulfilment of God’s word….

As has already been shown, every evil Pharaoh throughout time has only served to unwittingly accelerate and fulfil God’s word. Check out Burst the Dam – it’s double portion time! “One generation shall love and praise you God to another and tell of all your marvellous deeds”! Psalm 145:4. How the younger generation loves and needs the blessing, wealth, experience and wisdom of our older generation!

Just as before the first Exodus from Egypt the children of Israel could’ve doubted and almost given up hope during disaster, dark times and delays, when their promised Deliverer didn’t seem to appear at the promised 400 years, but he was right there. Things seemed to have gotten worse but their promised Deliverer was at work and their exodus at hand. You see God in His love was extending grace and the delay afforded the greater opportunity to display His power to the Egyptians who didn’t know Him. The children of Israel ended up leaving in victorious fashion with great riches. Even a number of Egyptians chose to leave with them as they recognised God was with them. A picture prophetically of today and God’s grace extended for as many in the world to come to know Him. God’s divine delay. I heard the words from the book of Revelation “The Spirit and the bride say come” repeatedly as I prayed, and sensed the loving tension in the heart of God for the end of the terrain of sin but yet the longing of our loving Father’s heart as time, grace and His arm are extended for multitudes to come to know Him.

In closing, Coronavirus does not wear the crown or have any rule of fear without your approval, Jesus does. What the enemy meant for evil on the earth will end up being a servant to the purposes of God as multitudes reach out to God and come to His love and goodness. Don’t forget that Pharaoh of old only ended up serving the greater miracle and purposes of God back in the day, Hitler too. God always has the final, victorious say. He leads His children in triumph. In our generation, the evil strategies of hell are defeated and the gates of heaven bombarded as it’s almost time for the Father to sound the call “Bring my children Home”! Yes, the Spirit and the bride say “Come”! Are you ready to meet with Jesus. HOW TO STOP THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). Please pray with me:

Heavenly Father,

I come to you, please forgive me for my sin and from this day on help me to live for you by the power of your Holy Spirit. Set my life ablaze that I may burn with a passion for you and ignite your flame in many others too. Protect me and my family as I place my trust in you. All for you Jesus…. in your precious name, Amen.




An epidemic and pandemic is a plague, pestilence, disease infecting many people in a nation or nations. Coronavirus (Covid-19), or ‘Fearonavirus’ as it would probably be better named, is indeed foretold in the Bible…

God in His love warned us what to expect – I’m sure we can all agree that earthquakes, famines, epidemic diseases and terror attacks are prevalent, but so are God’s great signs and miracles abounding from heaven for His children, and all who will turn to Him. The only prophets of doom are the media and those who don’t know the good news, great hope and protection available for you and your family.

My 19 year old son called me as he was walking back from University late the other night. The conversation went something along these lines, “Mum, you’ll know this. I was reading in the Bible the other day about the seven seals in Revelation that would be opened over the earth. Could the fourth one relate to Coronavirus and what’s happening now”?  I was grateful for my mobile signal giving out on me at that moment to buy me some time… that was deep, and yes, he was on to something.  Coronavirus (Covid-19) is let loose and running like a rampant horse throughout the earth.

Fourth Seal: Widespread Death on Earth

When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And [f]power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

Revelation 6:7-8

We have watched in shock and wide eyed wonder as Governments, medical professionals, financial institutions, airlines and businesses reel and scramble to come up to speed with this rampant horse that left its stall in Wuhan city, China, and rides swiftly and contagiously, visiting and leaving its death mark on nations. Faces turn pale with fear as death tolls rise and even the UK Prime Minister announced recently to expect more loved ones to be taken before their time. What should our response be as truly the name of the one that our leaders of nations and their people within fear is “Death”? Death to life and routine as we know it, death to convenience, death to financial markets and economies, death to leisure, sporting and public events and death to our much loved older community and those who are vulnerable with underlying issues. The biggest underlying issue here and cause of death to our freedom within, our way of life outwardly and threat to our health is fear, the fiercest pandemic of all at work in the hearts of men and women. Root it out today. There is another way!

As the Bible tells us, the name of this horse’s rider is death and that ‘Hades’ follows him. What does Hades represent? Hades is the ‘domain of death and darkness’ and here’s the good news, death and darkness have no dominion over you as a child of God unless you allow it.

13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves.

Colossians 1:13

What a loving Father. In the same way the children of Israel were rescued from the plagues in Egypt by trusting in God, and God protected them from the ‘angel of death’ that took out multitudes in Egypt but passed over the Children of Israel living in an area of Egypt called Goshen (Hebrew meaning of Goshen is ‘drawing near’), read more here How To Beat The Coronavirus Outbreak and Coronavirus Outbreak – Protection For You and Your Family. Here’s the truth Governments and media aren’t telling you… For everyone who will ‘draw near’ to God, as the Children of Israel did during the plagues in Egypt, you will be safe and saved as you put your trust in the finished work of Jesus at the Cross. You see, He swallowed up your arch-rival death and darkness in victory, and gives freely His gift of eternal life so you can walk in the light of His presence, peace and protection whilst on earth. The word of God promises there is no need to die before your time, but only step victoriously over death into eternal life, when your purpose and time here on earth is fulfilled.

In Exodus 12:13 we read God’s promise to the children of Israel that still holds true for us today. “When I see the blood I will not allow the destroyer to come into your house”. You can panic or trust in the promises and protection provided for you through the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, poured out at the Cross. If the mere blood of a lamb applied in obedience and faith over the door and entry point of a home proclaimed protection to God’s children thousands of years ago, how much more is the blood of Jesus able to proclaim protection powerfully over you and your family today. The Dictionary definition of ‘Proclaim’ means “to announce something officially or publicly”. Well, God’s word is going public today and it’s official, all who receive it are distinguished from those who do not.

Here are three of my top tips and mandatory medications to protect me, my friends and my family:


You have no idea how much Coronavirus, sickness in your body and fear, that are all part of the dominion of death and darkness, hates to be reminded of the victory there is for you in the death of our Lord and wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ. If Jesus took the passover bread and wine as it was called then (today we refer to this as Holy Communion), on the same night that He was betrayed, how much more should we obey and follow Jesus’ example when the dominion of death and darkness, sickness, and fear seeks to betray us and deceive us out of all God has made available to us through faith: God’s blessing, goodness and protection for our lives. Adam and Eve ate of the apple that plunged our world into the domain of sin, death and darkness, today we eat of the bread and drink of the cup that reminds the dominion of death and darkness of its defeat and our victory, light and life, through Jesus Christ.

23 For I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you: that the Lord Jesus on the same night in which He was betrayed took bread; 24 and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, [a]“Take, eat; this is My body which is[b]broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” 25 In the same manner He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.”26 For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes.

1 Corinthians 11:23-26 (NKJV)

The new covenant of the blood of Jesus can be likened to a new contract. What does this contract contain for you if you will chose to enter into it and partake of it: forgiveness, acceptance as a son or daughter into the family of God, healing, divine health, protection, provision and God’s presence with you. The Bible goes onto explain the importance of not taking this new contractual agreement and communion in an ‘unworthy manner as that is the reason many are weak and sick among us, and many sleep (die prematurely)’. Notice it does not say you need to worry about your worthiness for if you have received Jesus as your Saviour, He makes you worthy. Your worthiness is not dependent on what you do but what Jesus has already done and won for you. Receive by faith, this is the ‘worthy manner’ that is meant here. Receive with confidence and faith that Jesus body was broken for your health and wholeness and His blood freely and lovingly given for your forgiveness, acceptance and protection. For too many years I made communion about me and my sin, when really it was always intended to be about Jesus and receiving His wholeness and victory in place of my weakness and frailty.

Therefore whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and [a]blood of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29 For he who eats and drinks [b]in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the [c]Lord’s body. 30 For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many [d]sleep. 

1 Corinthians 11: 27-30

As I examine myself I acknowledge there is no good thing outside of Jesus and I depend on Him completely for my life and family. I discern the Lord’s body which means I understand what He accomplished on my behalf, I am not ignorant of the supernatural released into my natural. I agree with God’s judgement for my sin which is death, Jesus Himself tasted death for me, swallowed it up in victory, so I now live freely for eternity! WOW! To partake in a worthy manner means to partake confidently, with thankfulness, faith for your physical healing, health, protection and wellbeing in every area of your life.

As an aside, one of the meanings for ‘Holy’ besides being set apart is ‘fully functional’! As we partake of communion with our family daily we love to remind the dirty devil of his defeat and that our lives are fully functional again as God originally intended before sin entered the world. God doesn’t give to us a broken world, it’s still under the curse of sin which brings with it sickness and suffering – He gives to us His Kingdom on earth, accessed by faith. Go on, take communion today with fresh emphasis, medicinal purpose and power, receiving the divine health of God’s Kingdom life.

My daughter came home from school a week ago fear filled because of Coronavirus. She is just eleven years old. She now reminds us (incase we should forget) to have Communion every day. She reminds herself of God’s contract with her and all that entails. In the same way she wouldn’t go out without brushing her teeth or having breakfast, she believes what God’s word says about taking Communion and places her trust in Jesus, who paid the highest price for her protection and life. Believe God, trust His word….I dare you. Do the ridiculous and see the miraculous in your life! Last night we enjoyed a meal at Wagamamas before hitting one of my favourite Shows, Les Miserables, with three of our five children, we shared Communion together as part of our meal and in the midst of all our fun. A lovely family on the table alongside us watched on and it opened up a conversation and invitation to Church. Communion is one of heaven’s keys given to us to unlock powerful provision, protection, restoration and heavens perfection for our lives. Make it your healthy habit.


Meditation is actually a biblical principle…. we are told to meditate on God’s word day and night. The word ‘meditate’ in Hebrew means to murmer, ponder, reflect, mutter, talk, utter, study, imagine…. As you read God’s word and the magnitude of the promises given, literally begin to imagine those same promises applied to your life and what they can accomplish if only you believe and receive them. Another meaning of meditation is ‘roar’! I believe God would say to you that as you begin to mutter, utter and echo what God’s word says, those words from His mouth that you meditate on and speak out through your mouth, will become a mighty roar and have far reaching effects. The miracle is in your mouth and God’s word meditated and acted on will become medication and life to your body. Just like deodorant, God’s word must be applied to your life in order for it to work. Open your Bible and allow God’s word to jump out of the power packed pages of this proven book onto your pavement, and walk in God’s promises for your life and family.

Personalise Psalm 91 for you and your family and live in the protection and promises it contains everyday. Declare, decree and see God’s word released in your life and the lives of those around you…. Be a Kingdom carrier and a bearer of good news and blessing everywhere you go…. As I declare daily that “no evil shall befall me or my family, a thousand may fall at my side and 10,000 at my right hand, but it shall not come near me”, I am not praying selfishly but wisely and lovingly. As others see the reality of God’s word working on behalf of me and my family, multitudes will want to know yours and my great God too…. this truth is simply too potent with power and protection to keep to ourselves! Come on child of God, is your life provoking the world around you to jealousy so they want what you have or is your response no different to the panic stricken and fear fuelled response in this world? Don’t blend in when you’re called to stand on God’s word, stand up for Jesus and stand out!


Up to this time you have not asked a single thing in my name [as presenting all that I Am]; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete.

John 16:24

God says “It is time for my Children to pray potent prayers.” When you don’t see the answer immediately, keep on asking – you will receive! The dictionary definition of potent is powerful, forceful and effective. Your Heavenly Father, like any great parent, loves to fill you with good things, surprise you, exceed your expectations and flood your life with joy. It’s time for you to trust totally and present the full weight of who God is to those mountains and watch them move, to your petitions and watch them turn to praise, to your concerns and needs and watch God make them into miracles for all to see. All for His fame and glory. In order for you to understand what it means to “ask and keep asking in His name”, to pray effectively is to know His character, and intimately who He is… I call my wonderful husband “darling, sweetheart, treasure, practical Dave, hunny, love of my life”…. here are just a few of God’s names that will help you pray potent prayers in accordance with knowing who He is:

When faced with lack, I know my Daddy God is Jehovah Jireh, my provider, I know Him personally therefore I present who He is and trust in His provision for my life and family or the people I am praying for and flourish, living in the much more of God. When in the middle of a battle, I know God is the Lord of Hosts/Lord of Heavens Armies, I can present all He is at the battle and win. As our world is confronted with Coronavirus, God is all of the above… the good shepherd who protects, provides and looks after His sheep, Jehovah Shalom, our Peace who brings beautiful rest in turmoil and stress. God is Jehovah Elohim, The Eternal Creator, may He use men and women today to bring medical creations and solutions to disease. Right now it is also good to know our God is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer, our great Doctor, our health is safe and secure as we trust our lives to His care! In the UK we have the NHS, our National Health Service, thank God for it, but right now Health Services in Italy and around the world are fearful they will collapse and be unable to cope… There is a greater hope than any nations Health Service or the UK’s NHS. There is healing, health and supply that will never run dry as you make the KHS (Kingdom Health Service) your number one go to – the holistic Health Service for spirit, soul and body you can trust with your life, today, tomorrow and for eternity.

God shows us clearly how to stop Coronavirus in it’s tracks, He gives us the response to disease, pestilence, plagues that become pandemics in 2 Chronicles 7:14. God is calling the Nations to return to Him and in humility, to acknowledge our need for Him. As we PRAY, God WILL hear from heaven, and HEAL our land!


Heavenly Father, I receive your provision, power and protection for my life through the blood of Jesus. Thank you Jesus for dying for me that I may live fearlessly and freely. Thank you for divine health and wholeness in every area of my life and family today. I am a child of God and walk in your authority always, declaring, decreeing and seeing your Kingdom come all around me. I humble myself and acknowledge my need for you, I turn from all wicked ways, and you hear from heaven when I pray. Please forgive our sin and bring your healing to our nation and the nations. In Jesus name. Amen.


As fear takes a strong hold and spreads faster than the Coronavirus (Covid-19), contaminating minds and hearts – there’s more we can apply to our lives than face masks and gloves. Yes, let’s heed all the advice but here’s some good news, I call it infallible hope, you can put your trust in, God literally poured this into me whilst I slept the other night, when I woke I knew I needed to share with you…:

[19] How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world. [20] You hide them in the shelter of your presence, safe from those who conspire against them. You shelter them in your presence, far from accusing tongues. [21] Praise the LORD, for he has shown me the wonders of his unfailing love. He kept me safe when my city was under attack.

Psalm 31:19-21 NLT

What a promise of God’s goodness when your life, family, home, health, finances and even your city may be under attack! Child of God, will you take Him at His word and trust God with your life and family? Will you believe God to bless, prosper and protect you before the eyes of a watching world. His light through you will shine brightest in the darkness leading many to Him and the peace God’s children possess within. There is a reason why God’s word is referred to as ‘the law of the Lord’ – it is God’s legal right for your life, through Jesus Christ.

In the midst of school closures, threats of citywide confinement, business shutdowns, grounded flights, Government warnings that all our lives could change whilst we fight this – our minds and hearts do not have to resemble the Bible story found in Joshua, despite barriers in society going up all around us, where it says of the City of Jericho:

[1] … Now Jericho was securely shut up because of fear of….; none went out, and none came in.

Joshua 6:1-2 NKJV

What are you fearing? The people of Jericho feared the Israelites – the truth is they were nothing compared to the might and defences the people and army of Jericho possessed without their God… what Jericho should’ve feared was who was with the children of Israel. For all the Israelites weaknesses, their only strength was in their trust and obedience to the Lord! The children of Israel too must’ve felt the fear but they followed their God and trusted and obeyed anyway! There’s nothing wrong with feeling the fear, trust God, and turn your fear to faith. Amazingly, when God told them to do the ridiculous they did just that and they saw the miraculous. They marched around those scary walls of fear, not with weapons but with worship… God says:

  1. Your weapon is your worship!  Don’t be intimidated by the walls of fear going up everywhere – praise will give place to my presence and in my presence is your provision and within my provision for you is my protection. Watch as those intimidating walls of fear crumble and crash to the ground! 
  2. Delay is not Denial! Though the vision tarries (your miracle, answer, breakthrough, healing) is delayed, wait for it, it will surely come… Habbakuk 2:3. Don’t let delay lead to disappointment and despondency but to deliverance. A baby takes 9 months to come to its time of deliverance, waiting time is not wasted time… God is maturing your miracle – trust on, keep your faith strong.

God said to Pharaoh, through Moses:

[15] “By now I could have lifted my hand and struck you and your people with a plague to wipe you off the face of the earth. [16] But I have spared you for a purpose – to show you my power and to spread my fame throughout the earth. [17] But you still lord it over my people and refuse to let them go”…

Exodus 9:15-17 NLT

If those ‘Pharaohs’ in your life that appear so cruel, stubborn, immovable, intimidating, impossible and obstinate prevail, it’s because God wants you to know, as Moses knew during what appeared ten failed attempts with repeated denials and disappointments, that Pharaoh could only prevail to serve the bigger purposes of God! Greater will be your reward and miracle to the glory of God! Whatever your facing, trust Jesus!

Keep the waters (the worries and ways) of this world out of your boat! Let them in and sink, keep fear out and faith will float your boat!  I believe the strongest thing we can pour into our lives is the word of God, it will drive out fear and steer your ship in a faith-filled rather than fear’full’ direction!

[1] … I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable act of worship. [2] And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. …

Romans 12:1-2 

You can see in The Bible, in Exodus 9:15-23 to be precise, the terrible plagues bombarding Egypt. During the ten plagues there is the account where God lovingly warns Egypt and the children of God alike against the terrible hailstorm coming! Go ahead and read the miraculous encounter for yourself, where God pours out His wisdom and the opportunity to obey Him and be safe by bringing in all their livestock and workers from the fields. Those who accepted God’s word were safe and those who rejected God’s word, preferring to trust in themselves, thinking they knew best rather than humbly and seemingly foolishly trusting in God’s perfect protection, divine deliverance and divine direction, sadly suffered the consequences! This word still rings true today, so powerfully and beautifully:

[25] It [plague of hailstorms] left all of Egypt in ruins. The hail struck down everything in the open field – people, animals, and plants alike. Even the trees were destroyed. [26] THE ONLY PLACE WITHOUT HAIL WAS THE REGION OF GOSHEN, WHERE THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL LIVED!

Exodus 9:25-26 NLT

Wow! Did you read that and take the reality in! God set a distinction between the Egyptians who lived in Egypt and the children of God who lived in a region of Egypt called Goshen. We may be in this world but we are not of it, instead we are sons and daughters of God’s Kingdom and our Father looks after, provides for and protects His own! A beautiful picture of those who knew and trusted God and those who didn’t! ‘Goshen’ in Hebrew means ‘drawing near’! What a truth to take into your heart and partner with instead of partnering with fear. For those who will partner with Jesus and His word and draw near to Him in confidence and trust, God Himself will protect His own and preserve and make perfect all that concerns you. God sends out a clear invitation today to dwell with Him at ‘Goshen’ by drawing near to Him and living in the promises and protection of Psalm 91, “In the secret place of the most High, abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. Then you shall say of the Lord, “He is my refuge, and my fortress, my God in Him will I trust…”

  1. “If I perish I perish!” As I walked up the stairs and into our bedroom the other day, praying, I felt the Holy Spirit remind me of Esther’s words in the Bible, when she was called to approach the king on behalf of saving her people. She knew this could cost her her life yet her power-packed words and response resounded inside me “If I perish, I perish”! 

Never before has there been such an age of self awareness, self preservation and self actualisation, as the age we are living in now.

As a young, single, frightened girl who followed the clear call of God for my life to move to Jerusalem and live in The Middle East years ago, I remember God bringing me to this place of complete surrender! Bus bombs were going off everywhere, I had narrowly missed one, (perfect protection and divine redirection), one day! I walked through the strewn streets with debris and will not recall here the unforgettable, horrific sights that assaulted my eyes and all my senses as I hugged and wept with my Jewish brothers and sisters in the midst of such evil carnage! With tears I went to the Western Wall and I gave Jesus my all. I remember counting the cost and being willing to give my very life for the sake of Christ and reaching those lost in their sin for Jesus. I literally thought God would require my life and thought of the husband I would never meet and children I would never have… Little did I know until I walked away fear free and joy filled that only in giving my life could I fully and freely live! I felt God’s Holy Spirit resound inside me “At last”! Fear had no more hold on me and I could now live effectively!

I sense heavens call going out today, if only more would heed the words of Jesus to die to themselves, lay down their all for the sake of the call of God and rise up with the resurrection response of Queen Esther, “If I perish, I perish but I’m giving my all anyway, I’m approaching the King anyway, like Daniel in the Bible I’m walking into the lions den anyway, like the 3 young Hebrew boys I’m being thrown into the fiery furnace anyway, for my life is far bigger than this natural life in my body anyway”. History still repeats the stories for God’s glory, the outcomes were miraculous every time! That’s fear free, untouchable, transformational living! 

Jesus says to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, not to shrink back with fear. He also promises that no evil thing shall by any means harm us – great promises for those who will believe!

I was reminded also of Hebrews 11, that incredible faith chapter, and those who ‘died in faith’! I sensed God’s Holy Spirit lovingly, and challengingly speak to me. “In this era of self awareness, self preservation and self actualisation, how many will be like heaven’s hero’s who lived and died by their faith?” Yes, Faith; progressively, proactively and purposefully pursuing a lifestyle of faith in all things – that’s what pleases God! You are not responsible for the outcome but you are responsible for your response… faith or fear!

An excerpt and example from the life of John G. Lake (1870-1935), an incredible man of God and missionary to South Africa in the early 1900s, is a personal favourite of mine from this hero of the faith. In his account, many people in South Africa were dying of disease. While assisting doctors during a bubonic plague outbreak, Lake was asked why he had not contracted the disease, since he used no protection. He said, “It is the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” To demonstrate, he had them take live bubonic plague germs still foaming from the lungs of a newly dead person and put them in his hands, and then examine the germs under a microscope. 

But Lake would surprise all in the room when he asked the doctors to spread the infected foam over his hands and claimed that the germs would die! Once the foam was placed in Lake’s hands, the doctors saw through the microscope that the germs died instantly! Everyone in the room stood amazed as John just gave all the glory to God. He told the doctors “You can fill my hand with them and I will keep it under the microscope, and instead of these germs remaining alive, they will die instantly.” 

The energy and presence of God was invisible to the naked eye but magnified under the microscope’s lens—there proved to be a real formidable, existing power that killed the virus. This is how John G. Lake explained why he did not get sick—he carried the cure in his body and spirit to heal disease through the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus.

In the midst of rising Coronavirus cases, deaths, tanking markets worldwide, quarantine, and political game playing and unrest… there is a rest that remains for the children of God – may our only striving be to enter into His rest. 

[1] God’s promise of entering his rest still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it. [2] For this good news-that God has prepared this rest-has been announced to us just as it was to them. But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God. [3] For only we who believe can enter his rest. …

Hebrews 4:1-3 NLT

Beat the Coronavirus outbreak and trust the presence of God – divine deliverance, perfect protection and divine direction to breakout and breakthrough for you! Read CORONAVIRUS CRISIS – Protection for you and Your Family here.

“Faith is a winner any day, any time. It never gives up. Faith wins the final round in any and every battle”. 

John G Lake

For everyone reading around the world I would like to pray two prayers with you right now, one for those who may not know Jesus, His love, forgiveness and acceptance into His family available to them and the other a prayer of surrender and trust in Him for perfect protection, divine deliverance and divine direction.

Heavenly Father, 

I come to you now and thank you for sending your only son Jesus to die for me at the cross to pay the price for my separation from you caused by my sin. Please forgive me, I surrender my life to you now, and accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you for your love, forgiveness and making me a child of God. From now on I will live for you and ask that you will fill me with your wonderful Holy Spirit as you promised to. In Jesus name, Amen!


Heavenly Father,

I surrender my life to you afresh. I put my trust in you today. Your word says you set before me and my family life and death, I choose life, I choose to obey and believe in you for your gift that I receive right now by faith of perfect protection, divine deliverance and divine direction. I love you Lord! Holy Spirit you are my comforter, teacher, counsellor, wisdom and leader, I honour you as I walk and live in your presence, light and truth. Through you I will live everyday fully, faithfully and not fearfully. According to your word and through the power of the blood of Jesus I root out, pull down and destroy all the works of the devil’s authority. I am a child of God, evil has to flee, no harm shall come near my family or me. In Jesus name. Amen. 

“And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen”

2 Timothy 4:18