God Has Set The ‘RESET’!

God has set the reset… over nations, families, people. He has given the gift of time – time to rethink, time to reevaluate, time to reprioritise, time to return to the Lord! There will not be a going back to how things were before but a divine change and a going forward into the new and all God has for you as you make Him your choice! God has set the reset – our world has been stopped in its tracks and just as the word ‘crisis’ in Japanese also means opportunity, an opportunity has been given to take stock. Leaders of Nations have begun to acknowledge their need for the Lord – Israel, Australia, Paraguay, America, South Africa, Brazil… “Oh God, hear our cry and may the Nations return to you at this time”! Let’s redeem the time and define this season for what it is “the hour of God’s power”! God is preparing hearts to bring them home, God is preparing hearts for the harvest, God is preparing hearts to rise up in this hour of His power!

“What joy for the nation whose God is the Lord, whose people He has chosen as His inheritance.”

Psalm 33:12

Please click the screenshot at the top or this link: God Has Set The ‘RESET’ and join me for God’s prophetic, ‘right now’ Word for your life today… Real, raw and even includes my son’s impromptu ‘walk in’ to my hideout in the bedroom that ended up becoming part of the message:-) God longs to be everything that you need right now! There’s no lockdown with God. His Word and power cannot be contained! God has set the ‘Reset’!

Be blessed today and as the Lord speaks to your heart, please share God’s right now word with the people in your world! Much love, Christine, Momma of Many xo

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