STAY HOME • WASH YOUR HANDS • SAVE LIVES : What Does God Have To Say Today…

This message I dedicate to our UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as his repeated words ringing in our Nation’s ears were the inspiration behind it! It was as though God poured this into me in a heartbeat and I simply pour it out! I honour our Prime Minister today and represent millions when I say his sacrificial and heroic service to our country during this time and whilst he has fought this Covid-19 enemy both internally, externally and for our much treasured NHS, is exemplary! 

Before you tune in, may we lay aside political persuasion, unite and please join me, as we pray:

Father God, we your children turn to you and humbly say we need you! Please deliver Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, from Covid-19 and raise him up knowing you as Lord, stronger than ever! May He call on your name Jesus, the only one who can truly save and keep him safe from all evil we pray! Please heal our Nation. Forgive us for turning from you and your ways – we return to the Lord today and as we do, you promise to heal our Land. Oh God, deliver us from this invisible enemy, Covid-19, may the UK and nations turn to the Lord in this hour of your grace and power extended and be saved. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen – so be it!

Now, I ask that God opens eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to receive all that the Lord has to say today… Simply click the link: Stay Home • Wash Your Hands • Save Lives  or play video by opening picture link at the top of the page!

Thank you and God bless you, Christine, Momma of Many xo

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