God asks us a loaded question in Psalm 34, “Do you want to live a long and prosperous life?” How will you respond? This hit my heart as I read it in the midst of so much loss right now! Please click the picture above to play or the link: DO YOU WANT A LIFE OF LONGEVITY & PROSPERITY?

Real & raw ramblings from my sofa where I stole some moments away in my bedroom to pray, read my Bible and then share how we can know the longevity and prosperity God promises us, even in the midst of pain, sickness, suffering and loss. Whether you’re experiencing the loss of a loved one, a job, a sense of well being and identity right now… God wants to turn your loss to gain; look up, believe again, get up again, it’s time to go again….! I just know someone needed to hear this today…. 

From God’s heart to you, from my weakness and imperfection to you, with my tears and prayers for what I know so many of you are going through, to you, with all my love! My heart has broken for you, but more importantly – the heart of Jesus has broken for you too and He comes with the answer for you today! 🙂 

If this looks unrehearsed, unprepared and straight from the heart it was! If it looks like I’d been crying.. I had! If it feels like only God can show up and show off in your loss  – you’re right… He will!

Straight back to Mama duties as you will see my three year old Judah found me in my hideaway but not before the heartfelt message was through…:-)

God bless & only heaven’s best for you today, Christine, Momma of Many xo

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