GO AGAIN…! I pray God speaks to you in a special way as you receive this prophetic word for your life today. Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Ministry Leaders, those of you who are hungry to hear what the Lord has to say… Be ready – when He moves, we move! Miss it and miss out! It is time to heed the call of heaven and GO AGAIN!

Please click on the picture above to view, or this link: GO AGAIN!

Be blessed today! Christine, Momma of Many xo

2 Replies to “GO AGAIN…!”

  1. Thank you Christine. I wanted to remind you that you prayed this prayer over me at The Anointing service, early Jan.
    “ The lord is going to replenish, a new abundance is coming and He is going to bless you to go again. You and your wife. In your marriage, business and soul. ”
    I am reminded of Isaac who sowed in a famine and received a hundredfold.
    God Bless.

    1. LOVE THIS!!! Yes – replenish is not a word I would usually use but the Lord has sure gone before you, your family and your business! God bless you John and love to you all!

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