BLACK LIVES MATTER – 100% They Matter… but is there more going on?

What in the world is going on? It’s time to get off the ‘Tangent Train’ and get on the ‘Truth Train’ before it’s too late! May we not be deceived – so much depends on us being informed. Truth is empowerment to bring real justice and lasting change, opposed to the facade. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

There is a generation rising up that will not stand for injustice, I see it clearly in my teenage children today! Our hearts have broken over recent weeks over the tragic, evil and senseless murder of George Floyd. What adds fuel to the flame is to watch as the needless death of George Floyd is being used and abused right now… dangerously so. To see daily the twisted and distorted media – fake news truly is the enemy of truth and the people. To watch political agendas at work. To realise the Black Lives Matter Foundation is more than it appears on the surface and the pent up frustration of people who really care are being played (as the video explains). We will not be played but we will position ourselves in the truth and be carriers of change.

Regardless of background or colour, we are all created by the one God and Father, that makes us sisters and brothers. We will not be silent and we will teach our children peace, love and respect for all, over racism and violence – but we will not bow to the mob mentality, blatant bullying or pressure tactics – we see you, we see through you, we’re calling you out! The heart cry for equality is just and true and for everyone of my black brothers and sisters – I love you and stand with you!

In the prayer of my 13 year old son the other night: “Please may there be an end to racism in the world and may no-one in the world be racist… Jesus, please make even the word extinct”! I say a huge Amen to that…. For the sake of our children, for the sake of true justice for George Floyd, for the sake of my black brothers and sisters everywhere and for the sake of our world, may we rise up with unity, reason and sense rather than division, nonsense and political correctness.

May God bless you, enlighten you and empower you to love His way, as He speaks to your heart through this message today! To watch this video please click the picture with the arrow at the top or the link here: BLACK LIVES MATTER – 100% They Matter… but is there more going on? With all my love, heart and prayers for justice and true transformation. Christine, Momma of many xo

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  1. Dear Christine,
    It amazes me that you as a white/Caucasian woman feel qualified to determine what matters to us and what determines our value. For centuries, the white Anglo-Saxon culture has ascribed value to us as coloreds, blacks, and African Americans, based upon the belief in their own racial and intellectual superiority. But when a people becomes awakened to their God given purpose, destiny, worth and validity-who are you to minimize or neutralize the meaning of that revelation? If All Lives Mattered then the proclamation of Black Lives Matters, would not necessary.
    Have you studied the life of Martin Luther King? I think not. Martin Luther King, unlike Candace Owens, never talked disparaging about the black race. He loved his community. Martin Luther offered hope and inspiration to fight the battle against social, and economic injustices. To compare Candace Owens to Martin Luther King is insulting to his legacy.
    I recognize and even believe in your belief and promotion that all people are the same and equal in the eyes of God. That is an understatement. The problem is that American history does not show evidence of this equality. Have you studied racism, discrimination, Jim Crow laws etc. in the United States? Black people, our ancestors, always prayed for and believed in being treated humanely and being in a better place. That better place for them, unfortunately, would only come when they died and went to heaven.
    They would sing their own inspiration. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Coming for to carry me home; “By and By When the Morning Come” I listed to your entire video and what I have found and discovered in my lifetime (and I’m still learning) many times white people have an inability, willingness or an incapability of seeing their own biases regarding racism. You chose Candace Owens as someone you can align with. Why? Because her feelings about her own race aligns with your feelings about black people. You asked people to “turn and return to God “I am asking you to do the same and ask God to speak to you on the experience of black people in American history. I am also suggesting that you LISTEN to the heart and experiences of Black people more than you chose to speak. Have you ever asked yourself or better yet ask God the question: “Why do Black people feel this way?” Not once did you mention the existence of systemic racism or the prominence of police brutality against Black people, it is historical.
    I as well will continually return to God concerning my own heart to hear from God, because we are in very perilous times and we need to hear God’s voice, unfiltered with our own prejudices. But we are also in a time of change and I want to do my part and “be” my part.
    Let us reason together-In Love,

    1. Oh beautiful Mia, I hear your heart and agree entirely with the need for dialogue, justice and change! I have given my life, love, business and calling to the cause of Christ and that includes hugely black lives – you matter – black lives matter! I’ve been honoured to speak in African parliament on a number of occasions and work practically for prosperity and change, striving for injustice and corruption to be eradicated. Keep speaking, the world needs to listen and I will not be silent whilst you’re true cause is being used, abused and hijacked! As you rightly say, come let us reason together…. With so much love and prayers for God’s richest blessing, protection and provision on your life and family. Your sister-in-Christ, Christine xo

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