Seeing through the ‘Pandemic/Plandemic’, the Corona crazy: Covid Marshall’s, Covid hotlines and more… Who are the false prophets of today the Bible speaks of? Leaders and Believers we need to have eyes wide open, ears to hear and hearts to receive prophetically what God has to say, before it’s too late! Church arise, looking fear and every lie in the eye and whilst the Bible shows us as children of God to comply with the laws of our land, the voice of truth must speak up! To view this video, please click the picture above or this link: WAKE UP WORLD – ‘New Normal’ or ABNORMAL?

If ever you needed proof of censorship and erosion of freedom of speech which I make reference to, then look no further than the evidence below! I will be a voice of truth – I pray many will join me too! Fear and misinformation can run rampant uncensored, yet the message of hope, common sense over the nonsense and truth spoken in love is being shut down! Wake up world – children of God arise and shine!

God bless you and flood your heart with peace and joy today! Much love, Christine, Momma of Many xo

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