I awoke from sleep to the word “STONEWALLED” and the vision of a cold, damp, hard, grey, naturally impenetrable, and insurmountable stonewall before me… then the prophetic word of God flowed for God’s Church, leadership and every child of God who will listen and obey!

To clarify, when I declared prophetically, “Woke Church, wake up”, this is with reference to the Church at large to take heed! We will not fall for the world’s agenda, enemy tactics or strategies, deceptions or deceit if we will follow uncompromisingly where Jesus leads!❤️🙌🏼

Be blessed and prepare for the breakthrough of every stonewall of opposition, delay and resistance whether caused by: 1) People 2) Demonic 3) Self. It’s time to accelerate into the great destiny The Lord has set before you! I heard the Lord say, “This [Godly] generation will go higher, further and faster than ever before”! With love, Christine, Momma of Many xo

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