Sharing again a dream from 3 years ago where the Lord warned me of what was coming – he caused me to see differently continually and to sound the warning!

This prophetic word proved true and is so relevant for now – The Lord wants us to prove His word, demonstrate His truth – I stand amazed once more at His prophetic word being a light in darkness for all who receive it! For those who have sighed, cried, paid the price, complied and are now questioning the narrative, deception and lies – today the Lord wants to open your eyes, make you new and give a fresh start to you!

Many heeded the warning, many didn’t way back then, well I’m sounding it out again because if you did or didn’t listen before you can pray and weigh now…. You see, God’s beautiful mercies, opportunities, grace, protection and healing for our lives are new every day!⚠️💥🔥❤️

To view this video either click on the picture below, or this link: PROPHETIC WORD – THE DECEPTION!

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