This word was burning inside me that I had to obey and break away from family and wrapping to unwrap this fire-filled ‘not the normal Christmas message’ for you and me (until my gorgeous 5 year old Judah found & joined me)!🙈🤣❤️

Receive today God’s unexpected miracles, your healing, strength, fresh fire and divine change, in Jesus name! Gifts galore are in store for all who will receive! You wondered what the strange fire you were facing was for, well, child of God, get ready to rise from the ashes and burn and blaze more and more. It’s not the end but new beginnings come from every storm! Arise anew from the flame of challenges, opposition and pain as The Lord transforms every loss into gain! Happy & blessed Christmas & New Year!❤️🔥 #prophetic #propheticword #christmas2022

To view the video click this link or on the picture below….

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