WHAT DOES 2023 (HEBREW YEAR 5783) MEAN PROPHETICALLY? (Part 2 – The Camels Are Coming)!

As a child of God you have been called out to be a symbol and source of blessing on the earth! In 2023 align with heaven’s divine timing and destiny for your life – this is your year to break free and make complete victory not just a theory, but your reality! Look up – the camels are coming!💥🧨🐫

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Momma of Many – my God given commitment to you this year!

• As God speaks, I will repeat and ‘ProphTeaPreach’ which means to prophesy, teach and preach the uncompromising word of the Lord by The Holy Spirit powerfully with humility, vulnerability, transparency, and honesty, regardless of likes! Whatever the price!

• To pray for followers/subscribers every day!

• To respond to every reply!

• God willing, as far as is possible with me, to consistently and freely release and unleash God’s word to the world He sends me to every week!

That’s my commitment to you now will you commit to consistently join me; live, love and share, and let’s grow together for “In HIM we WIN” this year?!

Who do you know that needs to join with us on this journey? Invite them to subscribe to Momma of Many on YouTube, my website at mommaofmany.com and on Facebook – complete victory in 2023! God bless you as we partner together with heaven this year!

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