Join me – speak Lord, we’re listening!

The time for preaching to tickle people’s ears is done – the time for ‘Gideon’s Army’ to arise has come! I have committed to heed heaven’s call no matter what. I have chosen to lay down every crown in this world at the feet of Jesus! What a joy! What an honour! What a King to serve – I willingly and humbly surrender my everything! I will not be silent! The Gideon call is NOT for the faint hearted – The Lord will work His wonders just like He said to Gideon, not through the many but through the few! How about you?

Whilst the Church loved and was silent to the truth, deception ran rampant, LGBTQ, abortion, BLM corrupted the hearts of our communities, children and schools, Governments and Nations increasingly turned from The Lord, pharmaceutical companies profited and lied – people died… to name but a few! Well, it’s our kairos time to turn the tables, as God’s remnant falls to their knees and hears the Gideon call… “ARISE”!

“Go in this your strength”, I sense heaven say! “When you’ve been stripped of all else – you’re the ‘remnant ready’” Jesus came the first time as The Lamb, but make no mistake He’s returning as The Lion at His second coming to bring recompense and restitution – the sword of the Lord against His enemies – the reward of the Lord for His faithful and true! Be found on the winning side and prepare the way of The Lord! Click the video link at the top or join me here – “speak Lord, we’re listening!” REMNANT RISE – GO IN THIS YOUR STRENGTH! (Prophetic Word)

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  1. Spot on! The clarion call for Gideon’s army is being decreed from heaven. As Gideon’s army arises, so does David’s army; the worshipping hearts who will be prepared to abandon themselves to all he asks in glorious devotion as laid down lovers of Yahweh

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