The enemy is targeting this generation and evil is being unleashed like never before! It is time to target the enemy precisely, powerfully and purposefully! We will tear down every evil altar and erect an altar for the Lord! The devil is not having our homes, families, children, marriages, businesses, schools, societies! Not on our watch!

You don’t want to miss this message TARGET THE ENEMY PRECISELY, POWERFULLY AND PURPOSEFULLY! or view video below – be encouraged and empowered today:

The remnant is rising – we will occupy, take back ground and release His kingdom until Christ comes! The Gideon call has gone out from the throne and the watchmen and watch women are sounding out the alarm! Evil will not prevail on our watch! What is The Lord saying about the evil waters rising, the increase in mental health issues, the LGBTQ agenda, Target, BLM, the rise in satanism, witchcraft and The Satanic Temple – all flaunting in the public square?

I will not be silent! I will partner with heaven in this hour of God’s power! Will you raise your voice with me today and say after receiving the word of The Lord, “NOT ON MY WATCH”! It’s time!

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