I heard the Lord say, “I am recalibrating my body, my Church, at this time – realigning, redefining and reforming. You are being perfected and made ready for your end time mission – many right now are being recommissioned…”!

Can’t wait to release to you all the Lord is downloading and saying! Join me here or click the video link below and let’s go! LET GO TO TAKE HOLD – RECALIBRATE! Prophetic Word

Be blessed!

CRAZY CALI CALLING! (Prophetic Word) I heard The Lord say…

Whatever the Lord says to you in these days, just do it! He’s looking for those who will follow Him to the ends of the earth if that’s what it takes – I heard The Lord say:

1. Kingdom connections are coming, get ready!

2. It’s a whole NEW Day – Eden restored! Just as the obedience of Cornelius and Peter ushered in a whole new day for Jews and Gentiles, so your partnership with heaven ushers in the NEW too (Acts 10). I sense THIS IS HUGE!

3. YOU are your Father’s Daughter / Son! Break out, break the mould, break off containment, break through – be uniquely you!

Join Jesus and me here as we lean in prophetically to all heaven is saying in our day. Heaven’s speaking already before I’ve even hit session 1 of Extreme Dream Trip 2023 : CRAZY CALI CALLING! (Prophetic word)

Receive from heaven today!


As my flights and plans got thrown into chaos and confusion at Heathrow airport, I saw a prophetic picture of what many are facing – keep faithing it!

I heard The Lord whisper to my heart, “Plans are changing and I am rearranging. What the devil came to disappoint and throw into disarray, I will reappoint and actually lead you and many in a better, higher way! Simply Trust me and follow all I say”…

1. Let PEACE Lead the way! Peace is a person… Jesus is His name!

2. What do you see? Things aren’t as they seem.

3. Keep pointing people to Jesus.

Join Jesus and me today from my power-packed, not panic filled God adventure. Click the link TROUBLE ZONE OR MIRACLE ZONE?

Be supercharged and blessed!

ZERO TO HERO! (Prophetic word)

I awoke at 2 am on Monday 12th June to the words: “Zero to Hero”! This is the prophetic word I received to relay to all who will receive today. All hell broke out following this encounter but no forces of hell can prevent what God is pouring out right now. Many have been in the battle zone and under attack but the tables are turning and there’s a divine turnaround ahead!

Be Blessed!

May the Lord speak to you in a supernatural and special way as you receive this power-packed word from His throne today: ZERO TO HERO! or click the picture link above. God bless you.


The Lord is empowering, equipping and encouraging His children for all that is to come!

I sense The Lord saying:

1. ‘Go get your sunscreen’!

2. There’s a fresh breaking for a new awakening.

3. Are you dying to live for Jesus?

4. What hill would you die on?

Dive into the deep and catch what heaven is saying! Receive God’s prophetic word for your life today by clicking on the picture link below! Be blessed!

Be blessed!


What does it really mean to ‘redeem the time’ because the days are evil? What does the word of God have to say about these days we find ourselves in – A.I., gender, transgender, LGBTQ, sin and evil increasing? What does The Lord require of you and me? We will not be shocked and shattered but strong, courageous and triumphant as we obey God’s prophetic call and arise in truth and power for the world’s darkest vs. the Church’s brightest and finest hour! Please click the video link below or here REDEEM THE TIME and be empowered, equipped and encouraged today for all that lies ahead!

Be blessed as The Lord speaks to your heart today!