CRAZY CALI CALLING! (Prophetic Word) I heard The Lord say…

Whatever the Lord says to you in these days, just do it! He’s looking for those who will follow Him to the ends of the earth if that’s what it takes – I heard The Lord say:

1. Kingdom connections are coming, get ready!

2. It’s a whole NEW Day – Eden restored! Just as the obedience of Cornelius and Peter ushered in a whole new day for Jews and Gentiles, so your partnership with heaven ushers in the NEW too (Acts 10). I sense THIS IS HUGE!

3. YOU are your Father’s Daughter / Son! Break out, break the mould, break off containment, break through – be uniquely you!

Join Jesus and me here as we lean in prophetically to all heaven is saying in our day. Heaven’s speaking already before I’ve even hit session 1 of Extreme Dream Trip 2023 : CRAZY CALI CALLING! (Prophetic word)

Receive from heaven today!

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