Every believer, be warned, pray and weigh! The Lord brings His word to protect and preserve today so we rise above the friendly fire and strategies of darkness!

All around the world let’s unite, hear the word of The Lord and pray to slay the enemy & witchcraft attacking individuals, marriages, families, relationships, Churches and thwart every wicked agenda and scheme, as one!

Apologies for the glasses, hair & gorgeous specimen before you – I clearly wasn’t ready ‘in and out of season’ but when the Spirit of the Lord came upon me I obeyed anyway! 🙂 I couldn’t reproduce or repeat the spontaneity of The Holy Spirit as you’ll understand when you tune in here: BEWARE FRIENDLY FIRE… so I pray I will not be seen but the prophetic word of the Lord and beauty of Jesus received. Beware, share, be aware, unite and around the world let’s pray the prayer at the end – as one; “Deliver us from evil – Your kingdom come…”!

Don’t miss this prophetic word and click the link below – I have a sense of urgency for the sake of victory!

Be Blessed!

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