I heard The Lord say, “I will thrust the enemy out before you, saying, DESTROY!” Your victory is now! The time to favour you, yes, the set time is now!

1. The Lord is passionate for you.

2. Spiritual promotion is before you.

3. Protection is all around you.

4. Prosperity and plenty is supernaturally yours.

5. You are purposefully blessed – on purpose and for purpose!

Receive, immerse and apply God’s word to your life and situation today! As they say, deodorant only works if it is applied and it’s just the same with the word of The Lord! I can’t wait to release this prophetically over you and to the world He sends His ‘right now, transformational’ word into! Be blessed as you click the link here ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ENEMY… or below:

Oh, if only you could see all that is waiting for you on the other side of the enemy!

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