I sense the urgency of the hour! You are commissioned, anointed and appointed! The Master has great need of YOU! The Lord says, “I will break through gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron on your behalf! Divine exposure and divine power will be poured out in this hour!” Your God of breakthrough will breakthrough for you! Lean in to Him – believe, receive, achieve – you win! We win! Watch out world! Tune in here URGENT PROPHETIC MESSAGE – WATCH OUT WORLD or click the picture link below👇🏼

Be blessed!

YEAR 5784 AND THE TEN DAYS OF AWE! What does it mean prophetically?

As we receive this prophetic word today and 1. REFLECT, 2. REPENT; The Lord promises to 3. REVIVE, 4. RESTORE, 5. RENEW, and 6. great RECONCILIATION is before us, through these ten days of awe! Year 5784 is the year of the open door and the much more of God but we must close every trapdoor to the enemy! The Lord shows us how! Will you come with me on this journey and accept heaven’s invitation today? Click the link here YEAR 5784 AND THE TEN DAYS OF AWE or picture link below!


We had just leapt through the door of the New Jewish/Hebrew Year 5784, during the ten days of awe and before Yom Kippur, when I was awoken through the night with this awe inspiring prophetic word. It shook me to the core! A clear warning for the world but oh, great awe and wonder for the children of The Lord! Watchmen and ‘Watchwomen’, Doorkeepers and Gatekeeper’s hear the call – take to your positions! Will you join with Jesus and me today, YEAR 5784… DAYS OF AWE or click picture link below! Open your hearts to hear and activate the word of The Lord – there’s a remnant rising as increasingly we will watch Governments and world systems falling and failing! Be ready!

Prepare to partner with heaven in the days of awe, through the door of 5784!


When you’re floored, you can experience the much more of God! ‘Take ten’ and tune in with Jesus and me to this prophetic encouragement on drive-time today! When you hit the floor, you can rise higher and experience the miraculous fire, comebacks, works and wonders you were created for! As I said to my daughter driving to school, I don’t want to whisper His praise but to live a life that SHOUTS his praise, all my days! Anyone going to join me and answer the call? Click the link here WHEN YOUR FLOORED…or picture link below and release the much more of God in your life, no matter what you face!

Drive-Time – just Jesus, you and me!

I worship you in spirit and in truth,
I worship you it’s what I long to do,
I worship you it’s what you made me for,
I worship you you’re my reward!

THROUGH THE DOOR OF YEAR 5784! What does it mean prophetically?

“Doors like dominoes will open before you as obstacles, hinderances and delays now fall before you! Close the trap doors…” says The Lord! Receive these 8 keys, break off every generational curse and weakness, and walk free into your destiny and dynasty, through the door of this new Hebrew year 5784 that overlaps with our Gregorian calendar 2023/2024! Enter the ‘much more’ of God through the door of 5784! Click the picture link below or here THROUGH THE DOOR OF JEWISH YEAR 5784 and lean into all heaven has in store!

When you’ve tuned into the prophetic word above, don’t miss 5784 YEAR OF THE WALLS, GATES AND OPEN DOORS!

5784 YEAR OF THE WALLS, GATES AND OPEN DOORS! (Prophetic word – what’s in store!) ⁠

Happy and blessed Hebrew New Year 5784. As our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrate Rosh Hashanah on 15-17th September, let’s lean in prophetically to all The Lord has in store for 5784, that overlaps with our Gregorian calendar and 2023/2024! Click the link here or picture link below for what is in store👉🏼 Year 5784 – THE YEAR OF THE OPEN DOOR!

Jewish Year 5784 – what does it mean prophetically?


I sense such an urgency – be ready for all that’s coming! Learn from the tyranny and deception of last time! Be wise and shine bright! I believe every Pastor, Leader and Believer can benefit, be armed and ready with this prophetic insight and warning! Let’s avoid the pitfalls – we must do better next time! Angels are standing to attention waiting for the sons and daughters of God to step up, step out and follow Jesus whatever the Price! Hear from heaven today, click the link below or here: WE MUST DO BETTER NEXT TIME!

Receive, believe, achieve great things!


What you are witnessing is what you will give witness to! Are you witnessing the lack, negativity, pain, disappointment, prevalent in this world or the power, provision, peace and protection available through Jesus and His word! The Lord showed me He has a Witness Protection Programme available for His Witnesses – He places the highest value on you! Receive heaven’s invitation, enter in and don’t miss out on the benefits any longer – they are yours! Will you join Jesus and me today – just click the link here GOD’S WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAMME or picture link below!

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