The atrocities of recent days in Israel have not taken God by surprise! He is in complete control and no-one messes with His own! What is our response to be? How can we partner with heaven? The Lord gave me 7 keys we need for the days ahead after showing me weeks ago what’s coming now! Join Jesus and me prophetically and click the link here ISRAEL, CHURCH & WHAT’S COMING ON THE EARTH and get ahead of the enemy! I heard The Lord say, “SEE that you be not troubled…”!

A fortnight ago I was awoken through the night to lean in and pray. I heard The Lord say, as prophesied then STRENGTHEN YOUR BORDERS, WALLS, GATES & DOORS, “Blood, fire and gore are coming upon the world through the door of the Jewish year 5784, but the Blood of Jesus, fire of the Holy Spirit and awe of God are coming upon the people of my word!” Calling all Watchmen and Watch-women to pray for Israel, pray for the UK, USA, Europe and the nations!

This is war – look up! Arise in the much more of God for the battle is The Lord’s!

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