I heard The Lord say, “I’M TAKING MY CHURCH BACK!” Urgent Prophetic Word!

Possibly the most pivotal, powerful and poignant prophetic word I’ve brought for Believers and the Church to date! The old order has gone, the new has come! God is completing His masterpiece in your life, His Church and Israel – don’t miss this Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers… it is time, ARISE! Jesus is building His Church, not yours or mine!

Join Jesus and me today. When The Lord spoke to me during the Jewish Feasts on what was coming and that there was a changing of the guard it was with a sense that first and foremost The Lord’s desire was to change hearts. The Lord said there would be blood, fire and gore this year in the world, we’re seeing it, but blood fire and awe for the people of His word! This is the Church’s finest and final hour! Click the video link below or here and receive from The Lord today, I’M TAKING MY CHURCH BACK!

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