Going through a night season, you can trust Him with your life, the light shines brightest in darkness and always breaks through the night! Your complete victory is heaven’s guarantee!

Honouring today our wonderful Mama, my greatest encourager, who has overcome, through Christ she won and has gone home in such victory, glory, peace and style! Pretty much how she lived her life! What a Saviour! She would laughingly refer to herself as Mama of Momma of Many and I can sense heaven cheering me, our family and all of us on stronger than ever! Well done Jesus!

So this is where I shy away or follow through on my commitment to Jesus at the beginning of the year to consistently and obediently release His word weekly here. As King David said during one of his night seasons and battle zones, “exhausted but still pursuing…” so after 3 days and nights without sleep and eyes stained and strained with tears – this one is for my King Jesus! In life’s highs and lows I have come to know I can only sustain others out of that which The Lord sustains me, and if in some small way my raw reality can help someone today, I’m thankful! God bless you as you lean into Jesus with me here, RELEASED AND RETRIEVED, or click the video link below and know beyond doubt, no matter what, through Christ you’re a winner!

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