OPEN HEAVEN AND OPEN DOORS IN 2024! (Prophetic word)

The open heaven and Jacob generation is here and now! This is a weighty word for those keen to enter into the much more of the Lord through the dynamic and differing doors before us: 1. Double Doors, 2. Doors of Authority, 3. Automatic Doors, 4. Voice Activated Doors, 5. Revolving Doors, 6. Push and pull doors all leading to the miraculous, much more of The Lord. Ancient and eternal doors reserved for these days and such a time as this now open and ALL opposition will fall like dominoes at the word and presence of The Lord! Open up ancient and eternal doors, The King of Glory is coming in! Don’t miss this, click the pictured video link below or here and enter into the OPEN HEAVEN AND OPEN DOORS IN 2024!


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