Let The Lamb NOW Receive The Reward Of His Suffering In You & Me! (Prophetic Word)

When The Lord says, “Speak”, I speak, although snuggled & cuddled down for the night, I simply ‘arise’ and ‘go live’…:-) As it’s never about me, only Jesus, may His transformational word be heard through my life today and only the beauty and glory of Jesus revealed!

Because of the Victory of the cross nothing can any longer oppress you, depress you, possess you and that dirty devil (not worthy of a capital D), has lost His obsession with you! Child of God – you go free! As you Join Jesus and me for a few moments today, (CLICK HERE or picture video link below), I pray, “Let the Lamb that was slain NOW receive the reward of His suffering through your life and mine, in Jesus name, Amen”! It’s time! Happy Easter – may your life never be the same again!

Click this link – THE LAMB HAS OVERCOME!

SPRING FORWARD! (Prophetic Word)

“Your winter has gone, a new season has come”, says The Lord! The winds of change have blown in a new season… Spring has sprung, a fresh and dynamic momentum has come, break of every bondage and go free for your God of breakthrough has broken through for you! Activate God’s prophetic word for your life today and by faith spring forward into the new The Lord has for you!

Click the video link below or here and SPRING FORWARD!



I bear my all, real and raw, to pour out this prophetic word from The Lord that is prevalent for Pastors, Leaders, God’s children and His Church today! Been burnt by life? Hurt by those who should’ve known better, (maybe Church)? Disappointed or disillusioned by unmet expectations? Allow the winds of the beautiful and powerful Holy Spirit to literally blow it all away and you will never be the same again! The winds of change are blowing mightily on the earth and in His Church today! I believe a posture of surrender, worship, forgiveness and obedience will usher in the four winds that will revive, restore, bring great change, recompense and reward, making all things new for you too!

Don’t miss this – click the video link here: THE FOUR WINDS – There’s A Storm Coming or below ⬇️


THE FOUR WINDS! (Prophetic Word)

I heard The Lord say, “Wherever my Spirit is blowing, that’s where you need to be flowing and going”! The Lord is leading us a way we’ve never been before. What are the 4 winds of heaven and how do they apply to your life, family, circumstances and Church? It took the four winds together to bring life to Ezekiel’s valley of very dry bones! I sense The Lord saying, “Prophesy, it’s time for the four winds of heaven to blow again”! Click here THE FOUR WINDS or video link below and partner with heaven and all the Holy Spirit has for you today!⤵️


  • North Wind – Glory & Government of God, change/seasonal change.
  • East Wind – Judgements of God.
  • South Wind – Revival, Renewal & Peace.
  • West Wind – Deliverance/Reverse The Curse.


  • Scattering.
  • Gathering.
  • Stirring.
  • Flourishing & Fruitfulness.

May you experience the transforming power and winds of the Holy Spirit today!

DEAD, DRY BONES ARISE! ⁠ (Prophetic word)

It will take all of God and all of you! The Lord says “Speak life to the dead, dry bones, arise and shine, IT’S OPEN HEAVEN TIME!” Important prophetic word for Israel, Church & your life, relationships, health, finances and all that looks hopeless and impossible will be made possible for you! The Lord is about to renew and revive the dried up areas of your life – dead dreams will live again. Don’t miss this – tune in here: DEAD DRY BONES ARISE! or click video link below! ⬇️

Prophesy life to the dry, dead bones! Arise and live again!