THE FOUR WINDS! (Prophetic Word)

I heard The Lord say, “Wherever my Spirit is blowing, that’s where you need to be flowing and going”! The Lord is leading us a way we’ve never been before. What are the 4 winds of heaven and how do they apply to your life, family, circumstances and Church? It took the four winds together to bring life to Ezekiel’s valley of very dry bones! I sense The Lord saying, “Prophesy, it’s time for the four winds of heaven to blow again”! Click here THE FOUR WINDS or video link below and partner with heaven and all the Holy Spirit has for you today!⤵️


  • North Wind – Glory & Government of God, change/seasonal change.
  • East Wind – Judgements of God.
  • South Wind – Revival, Renewal & Peace.
  • West Wind – Deliverance/Reverse The Curse.


  • Scattering.
  • Gathering.
  • Stirring.
  • Flourishing & Fruitfulness.

May you experience the transforming power and winds of the Holy Spirit today!

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