Let The Lamb NOW Receive The Reward Of His Suffering In You & Me! (Prophetic Word)

When The Lord says, “Speak”, I speak, although snuggled & cuddled down for the night, I simply ‘arise’ and ‘go live’…:-) As it’s never about me, only Jesus, may His transformational word be heard through my life today and only the beauty and glory of Jesus revealed!

Because of the Victory of the cross nothing can any longer oppress you, depress you, possess you and that dirty devil (not worthy of a capital D), has lost His obsession with you! Child of God – you go free! As you Join Jesus and me for a few moments today, (CLICK HERE or picture video link below), I pray, “Let the Lamb that was slain NOW receive the reward of His suffering through your life and mine, in Jesus name, Amen”! It’s time! Happy Easter – may your life never be the same again!

Click this link – THE LAMB HAS OVERCOME!

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