A powerful, prophetic word I’ve never heard preached or taught, but I sense strongly our Heavenly Father desires for the secrets and keys from Achsah’s great love story, with double portion power for this hour and with double mention in the Bible for good reason, to be ‘caught’ by every one of His children NOW! Don’t miss this!

Click HERE or picture video link below and be blessed today!

Achsah is a prophetic picture for you, me and the Church! Modern Day Achsah’s, it’s time!

1. Enough is enough!

2. Don’t take no for an answer!

3. Have the courage to break of containment.

4. Overflow everywhere you go!

5. Kingdom living now – here’s how!

The Lord is calling you, His Modern day Achsah, son/daughter of the most high God and bride of Christ, to ARISE, get of your donkey (or your high horse!), and run to your Father in humility and dependency for MORE!

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