PROPHETIC WORD: WHAT THE WAR IS FOR? Every Believer needs to know THIS!

Keys to assure YOU of complete victory whatever you’re facing today and here’s how! In the battle for Israel, who wins? Hamas, Allah, The God of Israel? Prophetically, here’s what’s at stake! Here I share a miraculous miracle, a prophetic sign and wonder of what is to come! As for you Child of God, receive the prophetic word of The Lord for your complete victory today in Jesus name! Click the video link below or here: WHAT THE WAR IS FOR? Be informed, empowered and encouraged today!

ZERO TO HERO! (Prophetic word)

I awoke at 2 am on Monday 12th June to the words: “Zero to Hero”! This is the prophetic word I received to relay to all who will receive today. All hell broke out following this encounter but no forces of hell can prevent what God is pouring out right now. Many have been in the battle zone and under attack but the tables are turning and there’s a divine turnaround ahead!

Be Blessed!

May the Lord speak to you in a supernatural and special way as you receive this power-packed word from His throne today: ZERO TO HERO! or click the picture link above. God bless you.


The truth that changed my life, the foundation for my yes to every God given call, my ease in every test, power for living and I believe a prophetic message for Christ’s Church right now that will ignite every Believer for this hour!

Discover the true meaning of love before it got lost in translation! I believe the Church is called to take this truth and passion back for such a time as this – it will keep us on track for all that lies ahead!

God bless you as you make this revelation your experiential reality!💥❤️

To view this prophetic message please click the video below or this link: THE POWER OF LOVE!


I invite you to join me as I share a dream and word the Lord released to me, confirmed mightily and with urgency! Stop, look, listen! This is a holy moment and The Lord is preparing His own for the days ahead where we will partner with heaven on the earth!

To watch this important word, please click the video below or this link: PROPHETIC WORD – STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!


This morning I received the words, “I AM PLACING A NEW CROWN UPON MY CHURCH AT THIS TIME”! I was prompted to release an encounter and word The Lord gave me a couple of months ago – for it was time NOW! I was still eating, even as I began to speak, (but I had to immediately rise and obey God’s word to walk, talk and release what Holy Spirit had to say to His Church today)! This afternoon I learnt of the promotion of our Queen Elizabeth II to her heavenly home! I am so grateful for her life and I believe this prophetic word is timely and significant with her passing! I am thankful for her faithfulness, integrity, sacrifice, Christ likeness and service to her King Jesus and our country! “God is placing a new crown, a fresh authority, a new anointing upon the life of every believing Believer and upon His Church at this time”! Arise and shine… Christ himself will be His Church’s crown and covering! A prophetic, right now word and warning – but in the midst of enemy territory we will know only bounty, anointing, authority and complete victory, all for His glory!👑

Please click the video above or link here to view, and be blessed, encouraged and empowered today.

Inspiration for Life

The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is always a powerful reminder to me that nothing and no one can keep you down when God is raising you up. You’re a target for success and that means failure is not an option!

God Whisper…

Some have their ‘thought for the day’, in this baby feeding season I seem to get my ‘thought for the night’!  Child of God here’s some truth for life!